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  1. Someone can tell me if this monster alredy exist in interlude? https://prnt.sc/pejvxp If it is alredy existing, someone can tell me the ID? Thank you a lot.
  2. Search for client developer for extract files from server, exactly costumes files from other server. We can tank in Skype too.
  3. Buy Lineage2 Interlude costumes and accessories for my server.
  4. WTB ITEMS, SET, WEAPONS, EPICS on l2warland . Pm here with your SKYPE adress.
  5. Someone can tell me where I can download accessories for interlude server? I need Valakas wings and valakas hornet.. Thank you :)
  6. If for developer about l2 java server... I need developer for some fix and add some event on server.. write your name skype I will add you!
  7. I decided to enter the server event mutant vs. humans , but can you tell me in which area is done the event ? Thank you!!
  8. Can you tell me how can I add the clan skills (full skills) to a clan of a character ? And also how I can give skills of +15 to a character?
  9. INFO =======================================================================-[ Npc ] INFO Initializing Walkers Routes Table. INFO WalkerRoutesTable: Loaded 167 Npc Walker Routes. INFO NpcTable: Loaded 6592 Npc Templates. ERROR NPCTable: Error creating custom NPC table java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: String value required, but not specified at com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.templates.StatsSet.getString(StatsSet.java:475) at com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.templates.L2NpcTemplate.<init>(L2NpcTemplate.java:137) at com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.datatables.sql.NpcTable.fillNpcTable(NpcTable.jav
  10. I need your help to change a file 's game menu and I think it's a problem to be solved in suorce and edit it with eclipse. Compile your pack using "build.xml > right click > run as...", shutdown your server, and replace l2jserver.jar. I must first open the file build.xml of the source and edit this file ? Or the process is different ? In build.xml there is nothing I can do understand that concerns the file menu of the game [ .menu ] for the details of the game .