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  1. Gold pack: 12K = 10 EUR easy payment and you receive immediately PM for info or skype
  2. Hi Im selling all my stuff in server, this is a nice and long life server (already have 3 years life) many peaple plays here. as i got my epic set buying it here =D i want to sell it to another person who enjoy it because i cant play anymore and the money can be a good extra. I have for sell Epic set: Valakas+10 Baium +13 QA +13 Orfen +13 Draconic set +12 AM + 13 I can sell just the epic set or the draco I want 100 EUR for the package, if u get all package i give you the account wich i wont use anymore i think you can change pass and pin, but i dont know if the e mail. The char is tank main and wind raider subb, mainly play dagger Skills: Mortal strike +17 others +15 Weapon: Angel slayer haste 3x DUEL MIGHT/PASIVE PDEF/PASIVE MDEF Subb: bp 80 sps 80 wr 80