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  1. Hello i want pay 10$ for any dev decrypt for me 3 files, itenname, armogrp, weapongrp. pm pls
  2. https://www.l2electus.com/ General Information Basic Information Experience Rates: x500 SP Rates: x500 Adena: x 50 Party Exp: x 1.0 Party SP: X 1.0 Enchant Rates Safe +6 Normal Enchant Scrolls for +12 (Rate 100%) Blessed Enchant Scrolls for +16 (Rate 50, 40, 30, 20%) Crystal Enchant Scrolls for +20 (Rate 50%, Fail Reset +16) Golden Enchant Scrolls for +20 (Rate 100%) Augmentation Rates Top grade life stone lvl 76 10% General Information Maximun Clan Slot: 100 No Alliance PC Bang Reward Clan Ranking Reward
  3. lf any dev for remove hp bar in interface or fix for work, chat for more info
  4. with damage classic, auto potions, skills count. add skype (eltonkingstar)
  5. send me link interface? ty