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  1. [L2J] L2Devil

    Activity is the highest between h5 high rates
  2. [L2J] L2Devil

    After 6 months we are still there with a lot of people! Most stable High Rate in 2018 ;)
  3. [L2J]Skirmish

    Full oly all day all night :D
  4. [L2J]Skirmish

    That has been solved in like 2 min and half? ;) Is Skirmish time guys!
  5. [L2J]Skirmish

    First olympiad server with a lot of people!
  6. [L2J]Skirmish

    We wait all of you today for the G.O.!
  7. [L2J]Skirmish

    So i din't say anything incorrect ;) You want some oly "retail" like experience? join us!
  8. [L2J]Skirmish

    Beta keep be one of the most played oly server JOIN US
  9. [L2J]Skirmish

    Useless flame that don't require any answer :D Who play with us since years know how we work and what we do that is the main reason we are still there
  10. [L2J]Skirmish

    Beta is going in an awesome way! SKIRMISH BETA IS NOW ONLINE! JOIN AND TRY WITH US THE N.1 OLYMPIAD SERVER! https://www.l2devil.ws/download
  11. [L2J]Skirmish

    Hello adidaski seems me hard to belive that you didn't got that what you linked are changes for the server "AERON" this topic is related to the server "SKIRMISH" while aeron is a balanced server for make everyone happy, skirmish is a retail like server for hardcore olympiad player!
  12. [L2J]Skirmish

    If you played skirmish in the past you should know that is one of the most "retail" server as possible!
  13. [L2J] L2Devil

    Still waiting for an answer