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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gew2TH7W8U
  2. After almost 3 days so we avoid dramma!
  3. i post every 24 hours with a video, putting few videos everyday means we shoud have 20k online :D With all the respect in the world, i'm not hurting anyone by posting one video every 24 hours instead of bumping ^^
  4. I guess is better who is sending here fake user (with 1 post) just to bumb they own topic right? What is the difference between bump button and post a video? i post only every 24 hours, you are only tryng to make an usless flame since 2 years ^^
  5. We do many interfaces update but ofc interface of l2devil.ws can be used only on l2devil.ws :D
  6. https://www.l2devil.ws/ Hello everyone! Thank you for all the love and support we have received over the many years we have been around. We really appreciate all of you, and we will definitely keep our work and spirits up for such an amazing and supportive community! <3 All Lineage 2 servers come to an end, and this server’s version is now having its last moments before it’s completely empty, a process we can not stop anymore. We have been working hard every day making sure to keep it alive as much as possible, creating new updates, advertising, doing events, and more! However, time has finally beat us, and we must call the end. It’s always sad for us to have to do this, but without it, we can not advance, we can not gift the world our work, and we can not experience L2 as we want to. This journey has been awesome and full of amazing moments many of us will forever remember, the server began with a very rocky start, and against all odds rose up to defeat all other versions in terms of popularity and enjoyment - something we are really proud of, since we worked really hard for it! Since the server can now be considered almost completely empty, we are now stopping work on the current version and announcing the next one - always aiming to improve, and with a hard, disciplined staff - we will try our best once again! While there are less and less servers opened monthly and others give up on a community that’s constantly shrinking, we are here to stay, because we love Lineage 2! The most epic of PvP servers is coming back, keeping Lineage 2 alive and raising it to new levels, for an even more amazing experience! The Beta will open on Tomorrow 6:00 PM The Server will go live on March 31, 2019 6:00 PM Preview: Top changes on the New Server Olf’s T-Shirt: Removed Balance changes: Improved +21 Enchant Scrolls: Obtainable from all activities (not in Store) We will be releasing more information of the new server over the coming days! Thank you for reading and understanding! We hope to see you all again soon! CHEERS FOR A NEW, BETTER SERVER <3 – L2Devil.ws Staff