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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gew2TH7W8U
  2. After almost 3 days so we avoid dramma!
  3. i post every 24 hours with a video, putting few videos everyday means we shoud have 20k online :D With all the respect in the world, i'm not hurting anyone by posting one video every 24 hours instead of bumping ^^
  4. I guess is better who is sending here fake user (with 1 post) just to bumb they own topic right? What is the difference between bump button and post a video? i post only every 24 hours, you are only tryng to make an usless flame since 2 years ^^
  5. We do many interfaces update but ofc interface of l2devil.ws can be used only on l2devil.ws :D