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  1. sorry for delay but im working this month your pm answered.
  2. 2 runes are most of them for adc.
  3. Diamond III Server:eune Account has 15.000 IP. Champs:Most of adc. info about account on photo: Price:50Euro Payment method:paypal,paysafe.
  4. I need an account eune unrank don't care about champs 20-30k ip just. send me a message. Pay method:paysafe only.
  5. Need Exchange paysafe to paypal! If anybody is trusted and he is interested about it send me a message for info.
  6. so u want proofs right? ok lets start but a moderator i need to ban this guy after this proofs.. i was want a boost.. from this guy. we deal to make me with bad mmr from bronze 1 to silver 5: we deal about 8 euros.. i told him i have bad mmr but he accept it!! so i talk with his brother the booster.. and look what he said to me.after i paid the one. ] 2. can see here the proof that is his brother. and lets see now :)!!! so check now what he said his brother: he have done the 50% of the job and he told me for done it give me more 10 euros !! if that is not proofs for lock that topic and ban this idiot. i don't k now what to say u can see easy that they are untrusted. i didn't want make the story so long but they made me mad so ;) this proofs that they takes moneys and after they ask u for more for done it. UNTRUSTED! his smart brother look what he said to me when i told him that i gonna report him :) :: he said that he gonna do to my account something.. nice boosters :)) this topic should LOCK! moderators needs more proofs for lock this? :)
  7. i don't need proofs u can see that a bit seems like scam..
  8. seriously? My opinion is that is untrusted i cant say my opinion? nice moderator mxc he is so smart. :)) also im not to a report section for i should show proofs i just said my opinion wtf!
  9. GoldDamned send me infos of acc runes,champs,skins and we gonna see send me a private message with price! send me message with all the infos i gonna see them and reply! if u make it gold v for sure i gonna buy it!! Y.G I CAN BUY IT AND WITH SILVER 2 IS NOT PROBLEM !!! SEND ME THE PRICE IM INTERESTED ] I Still search. :) who can send me a priv message!
  10. division? u are untrusted for me.
  11. trusted members ONLY.. I Want to requires more then 15 skins and more then 50 champs.. also the runes must be good. for adc,apc (if requires and more it will be better) division:silver 1 or gold.. Trusted Members Only Send Me A Message For Contact.. The Prices Are good.. feel free to send me a message! Payment:Paypal
  12. Don't try it.. usefull server....... full bugs. Just Don't try my opinion.. have fun