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  1. Lmao you talk about this pack you are the most irrelevant Ape to talk about it. You tried 2-3 times to open a server using these files and all times failed dramatically like a noob that you are. Also you talk about xdem Lmao again you compare yourself a total trash with an experienced java developer. Come on bitch go back to your cave everyone can sell whatever he wants its not your business after all.
  2. You might agree on whatever you want but on a free market and with no rules prohibiting someone to sell whatever he values as his custom edit. Celestine did correct, if I were him I would already ban kids like you and intheend for psycho problems and abusive behavior.
  3. I can take a shared pack put 10 shit customs and put it for sale. What is your problem after all if a buyer wants to spend his money in buying it ? There are not existing rules to prohibit me from doing that. lol man like for real. You make 0 sense.
  4. The most professional and experienced developer regarding java, hence his big community
  5. Bought a Geodata Service for a Custom Map. Hard and Fast worker. Reasonable Price. Thank you very much
  6. O server 8a einai down se ligotero apo mhna.. o admin einai 15xrono paidaki kapoios grafei Mia gnwmh kai den dexetai. O server exei polla la8h kai 8elei pollh douleia gia na strwsei. Zhthma na exei 80 online ola ta alla einai fake.. mhn eiste malakes kai dinete lefta we tetoioys servers.
  7. no i didn't blame.. you blamed yourself that you have a ready to go server "everything is so smooth into my eyes" you were saying and your server closed in 3 weeks or so accussing that it's community's fault not yours since you are the God of everything. A/Y i want to learn more about this guy Growa who is he ? What is your past ? What you have done and why you believe we must join in your server ?
  8. Ok learn to accept facts though. You will not have the perfect server and even if you do the community nowdays is brain damaged so there's no way to avoid failure.
  9. let's say someone explained you. Still you will miss the base points of the game so just forget it.
  10. If you have never played then you will never learn how it works. >:D
  11. Are you kind of physically or mentally retarded ? you just say here you are ready to wait for what ? Didn't you read that he adds a code every 3 months or whenever he has mood or feels good to develop his shit ? Do you believe that lineage 2 works like that ? Add a code in 3 months then rest and add 1 more code after 8 months ? Trance is a big lier and a personal failure he failed all the times to support his shit one more time will come.
  12. Will you ever get a real life and stop beeing a smart ass posting in every topic in this forum ? For real now you are the worst shit nowdays. Get a fuck
  13. of course you will shut it up because you have 180 players right now playing in ur server but the 170 are ghosts that's why u care posting here ahahahahahh Ok Leo GM of Aepvp this happened before 5 years do you believe that people change or stay the same after 5 years time duration ? Because if you believe that everything is the same after 5 or 10 years i'm gonna find a shotgun to shot your damaged brain. Have you ever heared of evolution ? Maybe it's a strange word for you cuz you remain a kiddo. That's right gn and always remember !!!!! <3 <3
  14. if i make no sense why when u post l2aepvp l2prelude l2wargate l2titan l2preide.uk ur topic get deleted but not l2hayze that is exact same pride copy : D