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  1. Thank you very much both. Tbh i didnt even think about it, i could just download a patch from h5. :P
  2. Can someone give me the "armorgrp.dat" from H5 Client? Thanks in advance.
  3. After making a comment on his server's post,i received those comments. Im almost sure that noone will punish him since i reported several times other flamers and noone "touched" them. Ill leave it here anyway. Comment on my server's preview post. Comment on his post(answer to my comment). Any question is allowed,obviously.
  4. [OFFTOPIC] i think that if 2 people are using the same account,its against the forum's rules[=//] Good luck and i wish you to finish with your problem asap.
  5. Actually,that's how it works for me. If the seller is a dick,i wont give my money to him.That's obvious sir.
  6. He's free to say his opinion,its an open forum. I believe that you have to be friendlier with people if you want to sell something,talking like that isnt attracting clients.Good luck with your sales sir!
  7. Im not the developer of my server,but that is not what matters. The fact that noone is pointing your wrongs out,doesnt mean that someone who have a server cannot correct you.
  8. You were not talking only about corruption but about development too,but since you have zero knowledge,you need to stop talking about other servers and learn how to touch a multisell.
  9. Doesnt even know how to edit merchant's multisell and complain about my server.It was always like that.
  10. -New server acquired. Successfully moved database and all the related files into the new machine. -New DDOS protection added.
  11. What's the point of wasting so much time to take Untradable gear ? (+ remember that you must have a new clan)
  12. [GR] Den einai dyskolo na deis ean o Char einai newbie h ean exei 10 bots. [/GR]
  13. [GR]oxi,gia na pareis reward h clan prepei na min exei parei allo reward.Mporeis ean theleis na kaneis new clan kai na mazepseis ta atoma pou theleis.[/GR]