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  1. ACP gia Acis?

    Ti einai auto re trele, ACP = Admin Control Panel Example
  2. I don't think there is anyone playing with sound [ON]. If someone good is playing with his clan, he is using Teamspeak ( or w/e ) and has the sound [OFF]. If anyone else is playing, he is listening some good shit gangsta music.
  3. Yeah, drama from pics :D To be honest i read short replies.
  4. I am here just for the pics. Too bored to read it.
  5. I had this problem when i was playing C4 so i guess you are incorrect on your information.
  6. Pretty straight question. I imagine it is possible to add checks on the EnterWorld, to check your HWID and if it already exists on someone else (X Times) you get a custom msg. Can someone help me with that ? Either pointing me into a direction or even solve it. Thanks in advance !
  7. Its not that. The server has a "protection" so you are unable to spawn them in someone's inventory. You have to use //create_item ID AMOUNT
  8. Search for the ID of the NPC on HTML folder. Then find the multisell file. ( in which it redirects you ) And then just find the multisell and edit it. BEST PRIDE STYLE SERVER INCOMING?
  9. Good shit. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thank you brother, i found it. I will check the topic, i should have done it before posting. Edit: Honestly i know how to edit textures, i just don't know how to find them.
  11. Hello boyz, i wanted to ask if anyone can show me how to change maps textures. I am mostly interested on changing those flags. Location : Gludin Village. Thank you in advance !
  12. As i can see there isn't anything related to logout(closeClient) or whatsoever. Anyway i will look more into it, i will download some sources from H5 to see if there is something to help me in there. Edit : disconnectingAllPlayers from Shutdown.java should do the job but i don't think i am so good with Java to understand what is going on in there, so i will teach my self something and then i will proceed on completing this.
  13. Thank you, ill check it out in an hour and tell you the result.