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  1. Solid communication & fast delivery on requests. Recommended as he surpassed my expectations.
  2. I think currently you can't bumb it with a button. You can reply on your topic with the text "bumb".
  3. Thanks for the share and even tho it looks great, keep in mind that if players choose to play with low graphics the resolution of the pictures will be terrible.
  4. Well first of all, enchanting ( putting ls etc ) is a major way to spend your time at L2, so if someone spends 3 hours to put 500LS and you do it in like 3 minutes with the interface then there is a good reason to block the interface. Also, I am pretty sure that you need to buy Adrenaline License in order to use it, otherwise server protections will block the cracked ones unless you know how to bypass the protections with some weird way.
  5. Now we are talking. Is this SmartCrypted? Edit: FarmBot is not working properly tbh. It doesn't always target the closest mob and if there is a mob dead next to you it will target it till it disappears. Still good but not that good.
  6. I think this means the same thing :) :) :)
  7. In my opinion you should change the way you add the price for a category. It should be like this : <Donation category="Bronze" price="ItemID,Amount"> Just my opinion tho.
  8. If Interface AI is not implemented and the "Auto-Farm" function is not implemented either then its not worth since your interface has many more things than this.
  9. Have you tried to download l2gamers to see if they have this interface in their patch? Edit: Managed to find this one : https://prnt.sc/ka78s3 Which is pretty close to yours but its not. If you want you can use it by downloading it from here : http://rgho.st/7mHwgQtkJ Credits : @Celestine
  10. About the first one, just screenshot the icons ( or create them by yourself on photoshop ), find the originals and replace them with yours. About the second one, you will probably need a custom interface with auto macro function or you will have to find someone to implement this function on the retail interface and then parse it to you.
  11. Please explain further what's the goal here. Skill duration when you press a skill to someone ( the time it lasts on him if its a curse ). Skill duration as skill cooldown? Skill duration as skill cast time?
  12. I think lying about it is not allowed. Like I said you can remove any custom bs and you have a "classic" interface.