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  1. I will send you a msg through MxC so we dont spam here.
  2. So as the title says i wanted some help to add one more bar ( i got 3 ) on my interface. I was watching a video from Savo, he was showing how to do it, but he copy-pasted some code ( twice ). It was supposed to be in the download link but it dons't work now. So i am asking if anyone here can help me out. ( I do not ask about ready interfaces, i ask about the code or just some more help. ) Thank you in advance.
  3. Lineage 2 Font

    If you are still looking for it, you gotta open interface.xdat with xdat editor and change the font from the "font" table.
  4. File : "L2UI_CH3.utx" Texture name : "Pledge.war_double" One first : "Pledge.war_single" You can edit it via L2Tool, just open the utx file, export the texture (The texture, not the whole file.) , edit it and then just import it back. ( You don't have to decrypt the whole utx file if you don't export it for Unreal. )
  5. Removing the texture will cause your whole game to lose it, i mean in every single window. Its the same texture in every window, it just changes the values of width or height. The easiest way is the one that @SillverShadow said.
  6. You can use xdat editor, to edit interface.xdat and change the font from there. Edit: i know its an ancient post but still.
  7. aVVe updater full of trojans and errors!!

    Yeah maybe you are right. But, he is the only one that sells updaters with so good design. I mean, you might have a better updater ( better coded, or whatever ) but it has a lack of design. ( I am not talking about yours, i am talking for every single on updater right now on the internet about L2 )
  8. aVVe updater full of trojans and errors!!

    Well as a client i can say that some of the design is his. And i know it cause i asked him to do it like this ( i am talking about banners, not updaters ) i also know it cause now, after couple years i learned how to use after effects and make some cool banners. Now about updaters, every single editor has "stolen" a stage of a design from someone else. ( That's a fact, everyone does it. ) The bad thing is to show it and say that everything you did in this design is your job, that would trouble my mind. If he said : I designed the whole thing except the background which is a random one. That wouldn't mind me. Anyway i have said enough.
  9. Its okay, forgot to mention that i fixed it, it was my problem.
  10. So, i get an error when i am trying to compile one .uc file. As you can see, my first package has no problem, but the second has. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it as fuck. Thanks in advance. <3
  11. I got 2 problems. First of all my client doesn't have "LineageEffectsStaticmeshes2". ( But still managed to find it from Sinister Smile. ) Second of all, my "LineageEffectsTextures2" doesn't have all the "fx_m_t_" that you have. ( It goes till "fx_m_t5501.tga" ) And my "LineageEffectsTextures2" folder has 3 missing folders. ( "Combiner", "TexPanner", "TexRotator". ) Edit: I got myself out of this but now i am stuck at the compiling of the (.u) file. I get an error from the (__________.bat) file. This is it : http://prntscr.com/him26k Edit: Fixed everything. Thank you for the great tutorial.
  12. Thank you so much <3 Edit: Did you have it or you found it on the web.
  13. Hey as you already know, i am looking for this file ->LineageEffectsStaticmeshes2.usx ( If anyone has any info about this file please reply. ) Thank you in advance.
  14. Lineage 2 Font

    Try this. "L2Font-e.utx" -> "LargeFont-e.dds" and "SmallFont-e.dds". This could do the work.