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  1. Well since i was looking a while for those Interfaces ( Visual Patch ) i will share them. So lets start with the interlude Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : And the Gracia Final Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : Well credits are unknown i didnt made those very beautiful interfaces. so if anyone know the credits i will put them below. ( Inside the inventory on Interlude Version there is a name "Diamond". It might be a server name or creator name if this gets confirmed i will put him as main creditor.
  2. Hello Community. Today i will share with you some ripped files of L2Ark.com + Forum in HTML ( Means only good for announcements ) Its pretty much easy to rip them but since there is people who dont know how to do it. I will share them with the community ! So here is the Live-Preview of the website L2 Ark Live Preview Just in case if the live preview will "fall" Here is some images of the website Download Link -> L2 Ark Website Files Files belongs to L2Ark Ripped by L2J NexuS (me)