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  1. Tried voting with ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN ( which is one of the most popular VPNs out there ). I failed, but I only tried 2 servers of each VPN Service.
  2. This is insulting to everyone who is working professionally for this kind of work.
  3. It might not be right behaviour to improve the community but atleast it helps. I got pmed by many guys and i pmed more, they all helped me and i helped them too. I call that improvement. On Topic : He doesn't want to create new maps, he just wants to change the camera to existing one.
  4. Its the second time i've seen you telling this to others. Instead of "shutting" them down, try to help them or don't speak at all. I WOULD care if someone made something "unique" on his server.
  5. Since you didn't help Shadow I suppose you don't know how to provide info, so I also suppose you can't judge if this is a "simple" thing or not.
  6. I am kinda noob with interfaces, but is this encrypted or we can change w/e we want?
  7. If i am not mistaken you have to change the position of the Close Button from interface.xdat
  8. Or he wants just a character who already has a subclass or even better a character who is already nobless.
  9. Can you explain better what exactly you want to do?
  10. I will never see them cause i don't think you can code anyway.
  11. I didn't get the codes from you so i doubt they were shitty. Atleast someone helps with his knowledge, i guess you can help the garbage man too since you are a trash.