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  1. Who can tell me how i can edit npc enchant with different enchant? i mean i have one npc for max enchant +150. This item need to be +0 to enchant it. and i want the secound one to be from 150 (not from +0) to +300. Now, the problem is it in .JAVA file. How i can duplicate npc to work both? I can change just id? (i try this and doesn;t work). Thank's
  2. As title say, i am looking for captcha for private server. I want this captcha to get for player when he kill some mobs, or x time. I searh in old google, but i don;t find something. Plase share me some links, or tell me how i can make it. Thank you
  3. Hallo Everyone, i am looking for Private Server Hosting 24/7 online. If someone know something, lemme know. I Search on internet but i do not know how and what i must to search. Thak you !
  4. You can be more exactly? Where i can fount this `Manor`? In files i mean
  5. Hi all, how i can make a simple HTML link in alt+b?
  6. In order of things, who can tell me how i can edit text color? Default it is white, but i want mauve. I think it is from ItemName.grp. But i don;t know what i must edit. TY
  7. Thank you 'Baggos', u always know how to help and i appreciate this. U explain witih exemples
  8. anyway, i can make dnasty armor 2 types with same textures? i mean lv 1 and lv 2 with same textures but with different status. ofc i must create a secound item in xml's
  9. That's i don;t know, what is not allowed. I want to fix it
  10. Melron, i check Puskin, and i do same thing in new npc, but no work, i get eror what i post up. And that erorr i get in GS
  11. nop, i don't want this Sideral. I want to Upgrade, no buy another armor, just upgrade. i know what u say, but i don't want to buy a armor with another armor
  12. [26/08 14:46:30] MultisellData: player L2PcInstance:Admin[268481273] attempted to open multisell 10005 from npc L2TrainerInstance:Upgrader(3030011)[268484471] which is not allowed! This error i get in gameserver