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  1. example: find tattoo of soul (492 ID) - this item is showing 65 P. Def just find in armorgrp 492 ID and in this item find 65 and just remove, and you wont see any pdef.
  2. do manually restart.., its better to restart now, instead of letting them to have that item forever
  3. you should test that item before you put on live, so that doesnt happen with "3k", like i said simple delete and restart server.
  4. go to the databse/items and delete them manually
  5. if they bought that item before you put there <set name="time" val="180" /> their item will stay in inventory forever till you wont delete it.
  6. because they are not like exp runes, put this inside item xml/stats/items and find that item id <set name="time" val="10800" />
  7. maybe you just put id that doesnt exist
  8. here you go: https://mega.nz/file/hYonEQjA#xsGvsIQ1k2tz8E-jSFDmv4X8vG-8G2hy1Oorq-8kAMo
  9. did you tried to put false there, take this skill and also skills from another class, what happens?
  10. i dont said put it true, its by Default
  11. Check config - General SkillCheckEnable = True SkillCheckRemove = True
  12. your weapon cant have SA, then you will see option, which one you can choose, all you can find in multisell - 1005
  13. so whats your A Armor + when youa re trying to enchant? bcs it cant be above 16