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  1. exactly what you said mul = %(0x30) add = exact number (0x40) and 0x10 i suppose its something like 0x40, you can check it in any items, you will understand by yourself.
  2. <mul val='1.25' order='0x30' stat='maxHp'/> / = +25% Max Hp <add val='1000' order='0x40' stat='maxHp'/> / = +1000 Max Hp
  3. you can find these text in DB - called auto_chat_text
  4. try enable this from config maybe - CustomSpawnlistTable = True
  5. if you addapt code, last thing to do is change ls lines in system etcitemgrp
  6. trusted, experienced, funny, tell him your idea and for sure you will get what you order in no time, also with his ideas,thats why you should order his services, he has good imaginary, also cheap.
  7. if you want bracelet which support just 1 talisman you can do with existant one.
  8. Its problably from /unstuck - you can change time in config/character.properies - UnstuckInterval
  9. so go the game and check, open etcitemgrp take some id and you will see item (icon),how you want to see that icon? ingame or in file or what? https://l2db.info/high-five/items
  10. you can find icon in etcitem.grp also or direcly in item folder <item id="10205" type="EtcItem" name="White Seed of Evil Lump"> <set name="icon" val="icon.etc_poison_pouch_i00" /> <set name="default_action" val="capsule" /> <set name="immediate_effect" val="1" /> <set name="material" val="fish" /> <set name="weight" val="100" /> <set name="price" val="30000" /> <set name="is_stackable" val="true" /> <set name="item_skill" val="2420-1" /> </item&g
  11. this is original seller they will also install it for free - https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/account-panel/
  12. Trusted & skilled,don't hesitate to use his services.
  13. Very kind person,trusted and cheap services and pretty fast. Dont hesitate to contact him you wont regret.