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  1. Beta Server Started 02.08.2019 Chronicle Freya - Hard PVE Farm Server/PVP Rates / Enchant: Exp/Sp x10 Adena Rate x1 Drop Rate x1 Safe:4 Max Enchant Armor/Wep +10 Max Enchant Armor/Wep +15 Max Enchant Armor/Wep +20 Max Enchant Armor +25 Max Enchant Weapons +65535 (after 25 it gives only PVE DMG) Enchant Chance: Blessed 96% (When it breaks,enchant goes -5) Server Economy: Adena and Material *Farm Zones* Gludin Harbor - You are Farming Here B - Grade Zone (Stage II) - Antharas Lair A - Grade Zone (Stage III) - Beast Farm S - Grade Zone (Stage IV) - Brigand Stronghold Dynasty Zone + (Stage V)- Parnassus Level Reward: Every 2 Levels you will get and each Level +10% Pve Dmg. Lv 75/80/85/90 you will get can be used to Learn Custom Skills. Custom Skills: |Added Elite Mobs - Respawn 10 minute| |Raid Bosses Respawn 1-3 Hours - Dropping Material for Armor/Weapons and and Full Drop.| |1 Raid Boss which Drop Top Tier Shirt - better than in GM Shop - Respawn 3-6 Hours.| Custom Items are divided into Stages: C - Grade Items (Stage I) - Started Items - B - Grade Items (Stage II) - A - Grade Items (Stage III) - S - Grade Items (Stage IV) - Soon will be added. ||||CHARACTERS INFORMATIONS|||| |Characters Buffs Increased Buff Duration for 1 hour - Not all| |Frenzy/Zealot/Guts/Angelic Icon - retail reuse/duration| |Fury Fist - Decrease P. Atk. Spd| |Added Reuse for Rush skills on Doombringer| |Combat Aura/Blood Pact/Pride of Kamael are now self buff| |Duelist - All Detect Weekness - Decrease P.atk From 30% to 10%| |Judicator Buffs such as Apetite for Destruction/Vampiric Impulse/Protection Instinct/Magic Impulse DELETED - in future can be added in Custom NPC| |Trickster Debuff - Real Target - decrease vuln and duration| ||||IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS|||| |First Days will be opened just B - Grade Zone - DVC - we want to see, how will be farm progress, so we can set up properly items in droplist and price in GM Shop| |In that case drop rate will be 1x - for few days| ||||How To Start|||| |1.Character will appear in Giran Town after creation, you can buy everything you need for farm in GM SHOP| |2.Go Farm DYE - there is a zone which Drop DYE,or if you miss some you can buy them for adena in GM Shop| |3.Now you can start your Adventure in DVC - First Item which you are gonna farm will be Shirt|
  2. WTB Classic interface for freya client.