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  1. Depends on work. Yes. Send me a PM with desired work
  2. Hello, mxc. I am a l2j developer for a little over 3 years and I am making my services available at a low cost to the communities. I developed some systems within lineage 2 and have several in development. Below are some of my works: Super League is an exclusive event and is a WIP. The event contains already some features like: - Ranking System based on Elos Instanced Arenas (which means players that infinite matches can happen at same time) - Players are selected by ranking levels in 1x1 matches - Players in 2x2 + matches have calculated "League Fame" amount and then are allocated to an arena against another team with a similar Elo To improve: - Match History (with total damage of each player in match) - Rankings 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 ... fights (community html) - Fame League System for interlude - and so much more ideas Fafurion GrandBoss for interlude (script) Skin manager with 23 skins The system doesn't use htmls. You need to configure only xml and client files, then code will do the rest Some exclusive interlude maps Maps Includes Full Hellbound Map - HellBound Battered Lands - Steel Citadel - Caravan Encampment - Anomic Foundry - Hellbound Quarry - Enhanced Megaliths - Ancient Temple Fafurion island Fafurion Nest Fafurion cave Valkyria City Baylor temple I, II and III Fantasy Isle Parnassus Island All maps include sound effects, background music and new chronicle effects I can create any java mod your mind can imagine. Consider sending me a message on my facebook page: L2JDEV or send me a PM. If you need something exclusive or specific I can solve your problem.