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  1. Dear players, We would like to announce our server start! BETA TEST will be open July 2, 20:00 GMT+3 LIVE SERVER wil be open July 9, 20:00 GMT+3 * Rates * Xp 75x | Sp 75x | Adena 20x | Drop 25x * Enchant Rates * Safe +4 Max +16 Simple Scrolls 55% Blessed Scrolls 60% * Augmentation * Augment chance with mid life-stone 4% Augment chance with high life-stone 8% Augment chance with top life-stone 12% * Commands * .votereward .menu (With ACP) .boss .shop .gk .buffer .bank * Olympiad * Retail olympiad game Competition period [1] week Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] *Professions* Getting from the first to the third class does not require the passage of quests. 1-st profession for free and free gift 2 000,000 adena. 2-st profession for free and free gift 5 000 000 adena. 3st profession cost 20 000 000 adena and free gift Book of Giants. *Castle Sieges* Aden • Saturday at 18:00 Dion • Saturday at 18:00 Giran • Saturday at 18:00 Gludio • Saturday at 18:00 Oren • Sunday at 18:00 Innadril • Sunday at 18:00 Goddard • Sunday at 18:00 Rune • Sunday at 18:00 Schuttgard • Sunday at 18:00 *Epic Boss* All EPIC BOSS dead at server start • Ant Queen: Every day 20:00 • Core: Every day 21:00 • Orfen: Every days 21:00 • Zaken: Every 2 days 20:00 • Frintezza: Every 3 days 20:00 • Baium: Every 3 days 22:00 • Antharas: Every 5 days 21:00 • Valakas: Every 7 days 21:00 *Other* Automatic learning skills. Subclass without quest. Regular automatic Tournaments / Events with awards. The maximum number of windows from one PC is 3 Bonuses for voting on TOP sites. Number of slots for buff : 42 Number of debuff slots: 6 Cost buffs: 1000 adena The duration of the buff: 1 hrs All buffs, dances, songs and buffs for pets Full recovery: MP, CP and HP Premium buffs More information at our site : WEBSITE
  2. Hi, has anyone seen or has and can share custom hats for interlude ? Here is the example ..
  3. Su what are u saying i have 2 different java version? Now im using OpenJDK Runtime Environment (icedTea 2.3.5) Is that should run with l2 jserver? or should i get another one
  4. Hello fellow ninjas, I'm trying to run my server on dedicated server but I can't run RegisterGameServer.sh. I will upload a photo showing the exact error.. Sorry for picture with telephone but I couldnt screenshot it dunno why;D I have done : Tried reinstall java, changed RegisterGameServer.sh file, I'm using complied pack as suggested and so on.. I dunno what to do next:) Any one avaliable to help? Im using Ubuntu 14.04 - minimal - RAID1
  5. start it allready OH god
  6. why cant i download patch???
  7. f.u.c.k.ersNukers (that clan was only nukers xD)(sry 4 swear wordz :D)