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  1. Su what are u saying i have 2 different java version? Now im using OpenJDK Runtime Environment (icedTea 2.3.5) Is that should run with l2 jserver? or should i get another one
  2. Hello fellow ninjas, I'm trying to run my server on dedicated server but I can't run RegisterGameServer.sh. I will upload a photo showing the exact error.. Sorry for picture with telephone but I couldnt screenshot it dunno why;D I have done : Tried reinstall java, changed RegisterGameServer.sh file, I'm using complied pack as suggested and so on.. I dunno what to do next:) Any one avaliable to help? Im using Ubuntu 14.04 - minimal - RAID1
  3. start it allready OH god
  4. why cant i download patch???
  5. f.u.c.k.ersNukers (that clan was only nukers xD)(sry 4 swear wordz :D)