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  1. expllO, that would be too easy.. Yes I have tried to play with armorgrp.dat a lot. When I delete the number which show armor amount on item, simply, in game 'p.Def. 0' is shown. And I want to delete that words p.Def. itself. I want that piece of armor to be like material, showing only name, wight and description. I don't think this can be done in armorgrp.dat, I've tried edit every possible field but no success. I will change my question, does someone know which file, or line in file (client side), determines what to show p.Def or m.Def. ? Thank you for any help!
  2. Hi all, I need a bit help from someone who familiar to client editing. I want to remove P. Def. Line from the armor. I tried to play with armorgrp.dat but all I'm able to do is to change P. Def amount shown. I need that armor to be like material, to show only name and description, weight can be shown also that's fine but the line which show P. Def to be removed. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you for your reply. Sorry for posting in wrong section. Your answer didn't helped me out actually. See I'm not using java. I'm managing only through base datapack files and SQL. I thought it should be some option on section where I can manage it from outside of java. But it's not.
  4. Hi all, I need some help. Can't find anywhere how to change monster HP multiplier to *1. I'm managing all monster stats myself on HeidiSQL but there is no option to change HP multiplier. Some monsters I need have their HP *2 *4 or *5. I need to change to *1 all of them. Any tutorial how to do it? Ty.
  5. Made sense, thank you for your detailed explanation. I was wondering why these tables is in database if it's not even work no matter what details I put in. I'll try to learn how to right a proper script to make it work n my situation. Have a wonderful New Year!
  6. Hi guys, I want one epic monster respawn every about an hour between three different locations. I work on HeidiSQL on tables random_spawn and random_spawn_loc I've entered in random_spawn_loc lines: GroupID < 1> LocX <coordinates> LocY <coordinates> LocZ <coordinates> Heading < -1> GroupID < 1> LocX <coordinates> LocY <coordinates> LocZ <coordinates> Heading < -1> GroupID < 1> LocX <coordinates> LocY <coordinates> LocZ <coordinates> Heading < -1> And in random_spawn line: GroupID <1> npcID <ID of monster> Count <1> Initial Spawn <-1> Respawn <10 (10 seconds only for testing)> Despawn <0> Broadcast Spawn <false> Random Spawn <true> Upon server start monster spawn in one of entered location randomly but after being killed he doesn't respawn at all.. Does anybody know what's wrong here? Is there some other options in server files I'm missing? I'm not using eclipe, only server files and HeidiSQL to manage server. Much appreciated for your help!
  7. Hi everyone. I need a help, I want my main village to play all other towns songs. I mean I want the songs of all towns and villages to be played in one village, song after song. Is there a way to do this? Thank you so much for your time.
  8. Does anyone knows how to reduce augment removal price through server files? I mean GameServer files, configs or through Navicat? I have no access or knowledge about anything you called client packets or so... Thank you.
  9. Hi, I know a lot of topic already about this L2 Multisell Manager 1.2 by trex, but none has an answer ! Looking 3 days now, tried everything and still have an issue.. So I used this program few years ago and I liked it so much. I'm trying to install it now. I've imported sql file to database trough Navicat, succeed, no errors. I updated option.ini but when trying to open program I get this message: Could not connect to database! Please check your connectionsData and try again! I know it looks like option.ini have wrong data, but I tried everything! MySQL Server: localhost (as well tried MySQL Login: root MySQL Password: root MySQL Database: l2jdb Tried 100 times in different ways, IP with dots spaces before after etc etc.. as well tried external IP. Still same issue.. It's so strange, Nivicat connects to database with no issues with same details, and this Multisell program fails. Even changed MariaDB to MySQL 8.0 as I though maybe MariaDB causing this issue but not, same issue with MySQL.. As well tried to download this tool from 4+ different places, just in case if broken program files can cause issue but not, none is working Does someone know what it might be? I really need this tool.
  10. Hi, I would like to ask for help, just want to know how to do it, if it's possible in first place. I want to create shop NPC, like GM shop, but not multisell! I want normal shop like all merchants selling No and D grade in towns. Is there a way to do it? I can't find any topic about it. As well I want to edit the prices for which you can sell the item to NPC, I found some topic about it, but there only explain how to reduce sell price in bulk like 1/3 of price for all items or so, but what if I want to set my own specific price for which specific item can be sold to NPC? Does anyone know? is this even possible? Thank you so much!
  11. So, you mean I need to download clean Interlude system folder for Windows 10. And put my IP in L2.ini? Sorry for bother you. I just want to understand. Years ago I just took system of any other server and had to change IP in L2.ini and that's all. Now even with my IP in L2.ini opens original server I got system from ( not mine )... Is that means I need put my IP in some other file apart L2.ini too?
  12. Hi, sorry I'm new to this, though edit L2.ini with IP address is enough... I'm used to have server about 8 years ago then no navigation was needed. If you can explain I really appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. Hi all, I've created server and now want to login, but facing one issue. When I using clean interlude system, just editing L2.ini file by File Edit and updating line SrvAddress with my IP ( tried as well, GameServer and LoginServer running on ) but when I launch L2.exe loading circle spinning for few seconds and that's all, nothing happens. But L2.exe is running in Task Manager.. Even more strange, when I using any other server system, just updating L2.ini with my IP or, launch L2.exe and I still getting into other server, the one I took system from... How it's even possible? since IP changed. Any ideas how can I enter my running server? Thank you!