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  1. Your code didn't worked. In game ended up with script error. Anyway, thanks for reply! I have found solution myself. Here is the code that worked just fine: elif event == "30620-7.htm" and st.getQuestItemsCount(FRUIT_BASKET) == 1 : st.takeItems(FRUIT_BASKET,1) n = st.getRandom(100) if n <= 70 : st.giveItems(ADENA,500000) else : st.giveItems(MASK,1) st.unset("cond") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_finish") st.exitQuest(1) return htmltext Topic can be locked.
  2. Hi everyone! I need some help on python script. I did full quest and everything is working perfectly. Just one thing I'm trying to achieve and do not know that should I write in script. I want that the quest reward to be Adena or Mask ( one or other, not both). Would be good even with a chance Adena 70% - Mask 30%. According to script I can see that reward is both. Can someone help me and provide a script that I need to achieve what I mentioned above please? Thank you in advance guys 🙂 elif event == "30620-7.htm" and st.getQuestItemsCount(FRUIT_BASKET) == 1 : st.takeItems(FRUIT_BASKET,1) st.giveItems(ADENA,500000) st.giveItems(MASK,1) st.unset("cond") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_finish") st.exitQuest(1) return htmltext
  3. Yeah, that was the case! A bugged ID. I didn't shuffled the lines but did other way. Since not all but just some armour showed NoItemName, I've checked every line above in game by creating items and found that creating item ID 117 nothing appeared in inventory. Checked same line in armorgrp.dat and found the issue. The line which supposed to be ID 117, had different, misspelled ID. Corrected to 117 and all works. Thanks for replies. Can be locked now.
  4. Thanks, but didn't worked. Fist I got Critical error due to general protection when tried to run game. When I tried open it in FileEdit I got other error. Then I re-encrypted it and tried to run game, worked but more then half items show NoItemName. Strange that not all of the items, but still, not working.
  5. Hi all, At first when I've noticed this I though it's easy to fix problem. Unfortunately, it took hours and I still can't find what's wrong... So, there is two armour which showing NoItemName. DC heavy and Nightmare heavy. All the other items showing everything perfectly. Video (YouTube) Below you see the lines from itemname-e.dat 365 Dark Crystal Breastplate -1 365,388,512,5765,5777 Heal receiving amount +4%, chance to get Paralysis attack -50%,Atk. Spd. +10%, P.Atk. +10% STR-2, and CON+2. 641 Shield Def +18%. 0 0 6 When all set items are enchanted by 6 or higher, P. Def. and MP regeneration rate will increase. 374 Armor of Nightmare Full body armor. -1 374,2418,5771,5783 P. Atk. +14%, Atk. Spd. +10% chance to get Sleep/Hold attack -70%, CON+2, and DEX-2 2498 Inflicts 5% of damage received in close-up general physical attacks on the enemy. 0 0 6 When all set items are enchanted by 6 or higher, P. Def. and MP regeneration rate will increase. When I edit these lines, make even tiny change, in game all the items turns to NoItemName. The below line for IC breastplate which is working perfectly. 6373 Imperial Crusader Breastplate -1 6373,6374,6378,6375,6376 DEX-2, STR+2, P. Def. +8%, P. Atk. +12%, Atk. Spd. +12% and maximum HP +445. Chance to get Sleep/Hold attack -70%. 6377 Chance to get Poison/Bleed attack -80%. 0 0 6 When all set items are enchanted by 6 or higher, P. Def. and MP regeneration rate will increase. Can't understand what's wrong, but I've tried nearly every possible way to edit these lines. I've even tried to copy IC breastplate line which is working and place instead of DC breastplate just change ID. Didn't worked, all items turns to NoItemName. Also tried to take itemname-e.dat file from other system, no success. Even downloaded other system from some server and took itemname-e.dat to see what happens - all items show NoItemName. Have any idea how to sort this out? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Thank you very much! Video wasn't necessary but it may be helpful too. The thing I was looking for is location of texture. I've checked lots of files in systextures folder while it was in textures folder with easily findable name (world_bulletinboard_t.utx) 😄 Also, thank you @NevesOma for great guide. I have all the programs and +/- know how to work with them. Just had a difficulty locating the texture client side. Topic can be locked.
  7. Thank you for this, unfortunately, I don't know much about Acis (just using Acis datapack files), know even less about java editing, java packets, etc... I want to edit this in texture client side, that's why topic is in client development section. Same as I have edited a texture of map which pop up when I click on the static object (have edited villagemap.utx in systextures) the same I want to do with the object itself as on the object between wooded borders still shown a village map which changing color when I put mouse on it. By my understanding, client side should be a button-like texture somewhere for these static objects.
  8. Good evening all, I need some help with hardest thing ever.. finding the location 😄 I've checked lots of textures but wasn't able to find the location of this static object (Village map) texture. I mean, I'm easily found and changed the texture of the map which pop up in a window once you click on the static object. But I need to change the texture of object itself. I don't want a village map to be shown on the stand. Really appreciate for any help. Thanks.
  9. @Ehoq No, I don't have much items, but I want to make one item upgradable several times. It wouldn't look fine if all items will be visible. So that's why I want to make players do not see further upgrade if they do not have the ingredient item in their inventory. I guess I need to check Pet manager xml since pet armor and weapons upgradable similar way. Again, it's still armor and weapons and I guess would not work if I change it to material.. The topic can be locked now as the problem stated in topic header is solved and the rest part of my issue is not in client development. I'll try to solve it myself. Thanks, everyone for help.
  10. That's what I did, not sure what you said PROFIT. 😄 'Minotaur Horn' is copied from sealed armor part. But that's not what I asking for.. My problem is that exc_multisel is not working when main ingredient changed from armor section to etcitem section. In total, exc_multisell is working fine when main ingredient is Armor, Weapon or Jewell even if it's not copied from mammon. It's just NOT working when the main ingredient is not armor, weapon or jewell but it's material and it's on etcitem section on database. So here is my question, is there a way to make exc_multisell work when the main ingredient is material?
  11. Sorry, my bad. I am working on L2j Acis. Chronicle - Interlude. I am creating shop on exc_multisell code in NPC html not normal multisell because I don't want shop to show what items are available if player don't have the main ingredient. Below is my multisell: And that's what I get in game: I see only the second item which upgradable from 'Amulet of Power' The first one which is upgradable from 'Minotaur Horn' is not shown even through the item is in inventory. But then, if I move item 'Minotaur Horn' from etcitem section in database to armor section, it works: Everything would be fine, but I don't want item to be in aromr section because when it's in armor section on database, item 'Minotaur Horn' show line P.Def. So, since I know that only way to remove that P.Def. line from item is to move item from armor section to etcitem in database. My question here is: Is it possible and how if yes, to make exc_multisell work when the main ingredient is material as it's not working in my way as you see. Much appreciated for any help.
  12. @Ehoq Thank you, actually inventory texture was in L2UI_CH3.utx I just missed it when I viewed through L2tool my view was enlarged and I saw only part with empty icons but it was full inventory in fact (saw it when exported). 🙂 @Blitzkrieg I tried your second method. Unfortunately, when I open Interface.u and decompile line ToolTip, the script I get is much different from the one you've shared. The first method I had no idea how to locate the script you're talking about. Maybe because I'm working the old way. I'm using L2j server pack (GameServer/LoginServer) and I do not edit things in Java, I get into Java only through database app (HeidiSQL to be exact). Through server side scripts I can edit only Quests or NPC's like Buffer, etc.. But not items. I have checked database armor section but there is no column which would determine it's Accessory or Armor. The closest one column called 'BodyPart' but changing from 'Necklace' to 'Chest' for example, do not make item to show P.Def. @D3X I've used this way and yes, it worked fine. I created this topic just because I wanted to understand how to edit through the stings. Now I see that strings used not for items separately but for item groups ( armor / accessory / weapons etc.. ). The thing I want to do is, to make material droppable from monsters with small chance and that material can be used to create bracelet. I had issues with exc_multisell as my shop didn't showed any of my items I put to multisell when main (the first) ingredient is in inventory. Then I did it other way. I took B grade jewel which I do not use in server and changed sealed part to my material, unsealed part to bracelet. Everything worked fine, only thing is that my item showed M.Def. while I wanted to show P.Def. (sorted now) and that material show line M.Def. also since it's reworked from jewel but I need it to show nothing, neither M.Def or P.Def. Sounds easy enough, I've deleted entry from armorgrp.dat and created new entry in etcitemgrp.dat I've copied entry from random material and changed ID to my item ID. Then I deleted my item entry from armor section server side and created new entry with my item ID in etcitem section. And also deleted stat lines for the item from armor stats as it's not armor anymore. The item now do not show neither P.Def. or M.Def. as I wanted, it's just like a material. But now this item do not work in exc_multisell... Even if I have item in inventory, multisell do not show that item can be upgraded... Means item must be in armor section server side to work in exc_multisell. That's why I wanted to make item use different string ID from sysstring-e.dat so I can change that string to any text I want instead of M.Def. without affecting other items and leave it in armor section server side (just make it not equipable). But as I already mentioned, looks like not the item using string ID's but the item groups and it's not possible to do so for just single item. I know that this topic can be closed as it's solved now and the rest part of my issue is not client side anymore but still I want to ask on the same topic, do you have any idea how to make this exc_multisell work when the main item is material? P.S. Thanks guys for reading all this and trying to help me.
  13. Sorry, but you must be wrong about the first one. I took the piece of armor entry and jewel entry from armorgrp so one is showing P. Def. and other M.Def. I've checked and all variables of 0's and 1's are identical, while it should be 0 on P.Def. on jewel entry and 0 on M.Def. on the armor entry but it isn't. Also, at the top (the first line of FileEdit) have explanation what each column is for. And there is no mention about the sys strings or something similar at all. Armorgrp capable to change P.Def / M.Def. / Weight amounts shown but not the lines itself. By my understanding, it must be some other file which directs item icons to sysstring-e.dat About the inventory texture. That is what I was afraid of. L2Fonts-e.utx is one which gives me an error and I can't open it. Error says The ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception. Looks like my computer is not powerful enough to open it. Is that true or it's some other reason that I get this error?
  14. Hi all, Hope you're all well. I need some help ( once again 😒 ) I've created custom item and all is fine with it apart one thing. On the item statistics shown M.Def. but I need item to show P.Def. I found this is editable in sysstring-e.dat: id name 92 SP 93 Combat 94 P. Atk. 95 P. Def. ... 311 Active Skill 312 Passive Skill 313 Magic 314 Clan 315 M. Atk. 316 Atk. Spd. 317 DEF Rate 318 Dodge 319 M. Def. When I change ID 319 and write P.Def. instead of M.Def., the item shows P.def. as I want but this is not the right way because this way all other items who show M.Def. start showing P.Def.... Looks like my item use string ID 319 and I need to change it and make the item to use string 95. Anyone know where I can do this? (I know it's definitely not in armorgrp.dat, I have double checked every possible field and armorgrp.dat do not control which string item using from sysstring-e.dat.). And I have another problem. I can't locate the texture I want to edit. I want edit a 'Underwear' empty slot appearance. I have checked a lot of .utx files (especially L2ui and L2UI_CH3) but couldn't find this texture. I want to change this underwear empty slot appearance as cloth to something different that I will create my self. Much appreciated for any help guys.
  15. @NevesOma Thank you so much. Actually, I didn't knew that I can scale monster size in .u file... After reading few topics about .u editing and reading/ editing Hex, finally I figured out how to increase monster size properly. And it's not that hard at all. 🙂 Earlier I tried to increase monster size by scaling skeletal mesh in .ukx using UnrealED. It works this way too, but then all sounds and effects needs to be added/linked manually and that is pain in the **** and takes hours to do so. Thank you guys once again for your time and help.
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