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  1. I will have custom quests that reward xp. Its ok now. I found that with 931.280.000 exp i reached lvl 76, i must have did something wrong cause now it works. Thanks for your time and for trying to help.
  2. Already tried that and worked, i guess i ll go with this one. My last question is if i can change the long parameters of the exp to float. I wanted to increase the maximum exp requirred for each level after 76. This with the method you told me makes the player level 76 but also adds 400% and more at the exp bar of the player and i dont know why..
  3. I wanted the player to be lvl 76 when the quest is completed that means around 5B exp and it doesnt let me do more than 2.147b here player.addExpAndSp(500, 500);
  4. Hello i have this quest and i want 1 of the rewards to be a level up to Lvl76. Without the player.addExpAndSp method. Seems i cannot make player.setLevel to work.. :3 L2JAcis// Any help? case STATE_STARTED: int cond = st.getInt("cond"); if (cond == 1) htmltext = "50009-06.htm"; else if (cond == 2) { htmltext = "50009-07.htm"; st.takeItems(ADAMANTITE_ORE, -1); st.giveItems(SOE_GIRAN, 10); st.giveItems(ADENA, 10000000); player.teleportTo(83400, 148112, -3405, 0); st.playSound(QuestState.SOUND_FINISH); st.exitQuest(false); } break;
  5. Anyone can tell me if there is anything wrong here and rates messed up??
  6. Hello i have this abstractEnchantPacket & configs working without errors but i think are messed up.. With 60% enchant ratios in blessed and they take the ratio of crystal scrolls (90%) somehow.. (tested) What is messed up here? /* * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under * the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software * Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later * version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS * FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more * details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with * this program. If not, see <>. */ package; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import net.sf.l2j.Config; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.instance.ItemInstance; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Item; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Weapon; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.type.CrystalType; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.type.WeaponType; public abstract class AbstractEnchantPacket extends L2GameClientPacket { public static final Map<Integer, EnchantScroll> _scrolls = new HashMap<>(); public static final class EnchantScroll { protected final boolean _isWeapon; protected final CrystalType _grade; private final boolean _isBlessed; private final boolean _isCrystal; public EnchantScroll(boolean wep, boolean bless, boolean crystal, CrystalType type) { _isWeapon = wep; _grade = type; _isBlessed = bless; _isCrystal = crystal; } /** * @param enchantItem : The item to enchant. * @return true if support item can be used for this item */ public final boolean isValid(ItemInstance enchantItem) { if (enchantItem == null) return false; // checking scroll type and configured maximum enchant level switch (enchantItem.getItem().getType2()) { case Item.TYPE2_WEAPON: if (!_isWeapon || (Config.ENCHANT_MAX_WEAPON > 0 && enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() >= Config.ENCHANT_MAX_WEAPON)) return false; break; case Item.TYPE2_SHIELD_ARMOR: case Item.TYPE2_ACCESSORY: if (_isWeapon || (Config.ENCHANT_MAX_ARMOR > 0 && enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() >= Config.ENCHANT_MAX_ARMOR)) return false; break; default: return false; } // check for crystal type if (_grade != enchantItem.getItem().getCrystalType()) return false; return true; } /** * @return true if item is a blessed scroll. */ public final boolean isBlessed() { return _isBlessed; } /** * @return true if item is a crystal scroll. */ public final boolean isCrystal() { return _isCrystal; } /** * Regarding enchant system :<br> * <br> * <u>Weapons</u> * <ul> * <li>magic weapons has chance of 40% until +15 and 20% from +15 and higher. There is no upper limit, there is no dependance on current enchant level.</li> * <li>non magic weapons has chance of 70% until +15 and 35% from +15 and higher. There is no upper limit, there is no dependance on current enchant level.</li> * </ul> * <u>Armors</u> * <ul> * <li>non fullbody armors (jewelry, upper armor, lower armor, boots, gloves, helmets and shirts) has chance of 2/3 for +4, 1/3 for +5, 1/4 for +6, ...., 1/18 +20. If you've made a +20 armor, chance to make it +21 will be equal to zero (0%).</li> * <li>full body armors has a chance of 1/1 for +4, 2/3 for +5, 1/3 for +6, ..., 1/17 for +20. If you've made a +20 armor, chance to make it +21 will be equal to zero (0%).</li> * </ul> * @param enchantItem : The item to enchant. * @return the enchant chance under double format (0.7 / 0.35 / 0.44324...). */ public final double getChance(ItemInstance enchantItem) { if (!isValid(enchantItem)) return -1; boolean fullBody = enchantItem.getItem().getBodyPart() == Item.SLOT_FULL_ARMOR; if (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() < Config.ENCHANT_SAFE_MAX || (fullBody && enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() < Config.ENCHANT_SAFE_MAX_FULL)) return 1; double chance = 0; // Armor formula : 0.66^(current-2), chance is lower and lower for each enchant. if (isBlessed()) { if (enchantItem.isArmor()) chance = Math.pow(Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR_BLESSED, (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() - 2)); // Weapon formula is 70% for fighter weapon, 40% for mage weapon. Special rates after +14. else if (enchantItem.isWeapon()) { if (((Weapon) enchantItem.getItem()).isMagical()) chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_BLESSED; else chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_BLESSED; } } else if (isCrystal()) { if (enchantItem.isArmor()) chance = Math.pow(Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR_CRYSTAL, (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() - 2)); // Weapon formula is 70% for fighter weapon, 40% for mage weapon. Special rates after +14. else if (enchantItem.isWeapon()) { if (((Weapon) enchantItem.getItem()).isMagical()) chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS_CRYSTAL : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_CRYSTAL; else chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS_CRYSTAL : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_CRYSTAL; } } else { if (enchantItem.isArmor()) chance = Math.pow(Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR, (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() - 2)); // Weapon formula is 70% for fighter weapon, 40% for mage weapon. Special rates after +14. else if (enchantItem.isWeapon()) { if (((Weapon) enchantItem.getItem()).isMagical()) chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC; else chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC; } } return chance; } } /** * Format : itemId, (isWeapon, isBlessed, isCrystal, grade)<br> * Allowed items IDs must be sorted by ascending order. */ static { // Scrolls: Enchant Weapon _scrolls.put(729, new EnchantScroll(true, false, false, CrystalType.A)); _scrolls.put(947, new EnchantScroll(true, false, false, CrystalType.B)); _scrolls.put(951, new EnchantScroll(true, false, false, CrystalType.C)); _scrolls.put(955, new EnchantScroll(true, false, false, CrystalType.D)); _scrolls.put(959, new EnchantScroll(true, false, false, CrystalType.S)); // Scrolls: Enchant Armor _scrolls.put(730, new EnchantScroll(false, false, false, CrystalType.A)); _scrolls.put(948, new EnchantScroll(false, false, false, CrystalType.B)); _scrolls.put(952, new EnchantScroll(false, false, false, CrystalType.C)); _scrolls.put(956, new EnchantScroll(false, false, false, CrystalType.D)); _scrolls.put(960, new EnchantScroll(false, false, false, CrystalType.S)); // Blessed Scrolls: Enchant Weapon _scrolls.put(6569, new EnchantScroll(true, true, false, CrystalType.A)); _scrolls.put(6571, new EnchantScroll(true, true, false, CrystalType.B)); _scrolls.put(6573, new EnchantScroll(true, true, false, CrystalType.C)); _scrolls.put(6575, new EnchantScroll(true, true, false, CrystalType.D)); _scrolls.put(6577, new EnchantScroll(true, true, false, CrystalType.S)); // Blessed Scrolls: Enchant Armor _scrolls.put(6570, new EnchantScroll(false, true, false, CrystalType.A)); _scrolls.put(6572, new EnchantScroll(false, true, false, CrystalType.B)); _scrolls.put(6574, new EnchantScroll(false, true, false, CrystalType.C)); _scrolls.put(6576, new EnchantScroll(false, true, false, CrystalType.D)); _scrolls.put(6578, new EnchantScroll(false, true, false, CrystalType.S)); // Crystal Scrolls: Enchant Weapon _scrolls.put(731, new EnchantScroll(true, false, true, CrystalType.A)); _scrolls.put(949, new EnchantScroll(true, false, true, CrystalType.B)); _scrolls.put(953, new EnchantScroll(true, false, true, CrystalType.C)); _scrolls.put(957, new EnchantScroll(true, false, true, CrystalType.D)); _scrolls.put(961, new EnchantScroll(true, false, true, CrystalType.S)); // Crystal Scrolls: Enchant Armor _scrolls.put(732, new EnchantScroll(false, false, true, CrystalType.A)); _scrolls.put(950, new EnchantScroll(false, false, true, CrystalType.B)); _scrolls.put(954, new EnchantScroll(false, false, true, CrystalType.C)); _scrolls.put(958, new EnchantScroll(false, false, true, CrystalType.D)); _scrolls.put(962, new EnchantScroll(false, false, true, CrystalType.S)); } /** * @param scroll The instance of item to make checks on. * @return enchant template for scroll. */ protected static final EnchantScroll getEnchantScroll(ItemInstance scroll) { return _scrolls.get(scroll.getItemId()); } /** * @param item The instance of item to make checks on. * @return true if item can be enchanted. */ protected static final boolean isEnchantable(ItemInstance item) { if (item.isHeroItem() || item.isShadowItem() || item.isEtcItem() || item.getItem().getItemType() == WeaponType.FISHINGROD) return false; // only equipped items or in inventory can be enchanted if (item.getLocation() != ItemInstance.ItemLocation.INVENTORY && item.getLocation() != ItemInstance.ItemLocation.PAPERDOLL) return false; return true; } } /** Enchant */ public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_BLESSED; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_BLESSED; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR_BLESSED; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_CRYSTAL; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS_CRYSTAL; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_CRYSTAL; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS_CRYSTAL; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR_CRYSTAL; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS; public static double ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR; public static int ENCHANT_MAX_WEAPON; public static int ENCHANT_MAX_ARMOR; public static int ENCHANT_SAFE_MAX; public static int ENCHANT_SAFE_MAX_FULL; ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceMagicWeapon", 0.4); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceMagicWeapon15Plus", 0.2); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceNonMagicWeapon", 0.7); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceNonMagicWeapon15Plus", 0.35); ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR_BLESSED = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceArmorBlessed", 0.66); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_BLESSED = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceMagicWeaponBlessed", 0.4); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceMagicWeapon15PlusBlessed", 0.2); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_BLESSED = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceNonMagicWeaponBlessed", 0.7); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceNonMagicWeapon15PlusBlessed", 0.35); ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR_CRYSTAL = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceArmorCrystal", 0.66); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_CRYSTAL = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceMagicWeaponCrystal", 0.4); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS_CRYSTAL = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceMagicWeapon15PlusCrystal", 0.2); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_CRYSTAL = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceNonMagicWeaponCrystal", 0.7); ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS_CRYSTAL = players.getProperty("EnchantChanceNonMagicWeapon15PlusCrystal", 0.35);
  7. I was talking to other dude trying to help mate. I know your code works but i don't know where to import him and make it work.
  8. Something like this, but i need it with chance. They will get a box containing(this,this,this and this with a very very small chance) Is your code simple?
  9. Hello i need a code (just the code no need configs) to select an item and when you open it, it will give you some items with chances to obtain something more. An example is this,, even without the xml part you can edit it through java <list> <item id="10000" name="Lucky Box"> #the box <category> <item id="57" count="1000" chance="1000000"/> #chance to get this item 1000000 = 100% <item id="1344" count="4" chance="1000000"/> <item id="5327" count="10" chance="1000000"/> <item id="4943" count="1" chance="1000000"/> </category> <category> <item id="444" count="1" chance="500000"/> <item id="1524" count="1" chance="500000"/> </category> <category> <item id="57" count="5" chance="100"/> <item id="4344" count="1" chance="100"/> </category> </item> </list> I am using Interlude acis can someone help with this? Or anything already shared??
  10. Is this code still working for last free aCis rev?
  11. 1 of the worst servers..(IMO) Login at your own risk.
  12. Well if i leave it this way for now it will cause error or something? Also i change this: htmltext = "50011-05.htm"; st.takeItems(GRAVE_ROBBERS_HEAD, -1); st.takeItems(CARADINES_LETTER, -1); st.giveItems(CARADINES_LETTER_1, 1); st.rewardItems(57, 3000000); st.playSound(QuestState.SOUND_FINISH); st.exitQuest(false); with this you said: htmltext = "50011-05.htm"; st.takeItems(GRAVE_ROBBERS_HEAD, -1); st.takeItems(CARADINES_LETTER, -1); st.giveItems(CARADINES_LETTER_1, 1); st.rewardItems(57, 3000000); st.playSound(QuestState.SOUND_FINISH); st.exitQuest(true); and still not working. I need to make it work because i have to create more than 20 Quests..