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  1. Well yeah no-ip brings memories to my mind, i remember it had an icon with a RED sign and a / sign between it. Logo could be changed after all these years :p I believe that was a service that offered free dynamic dns right?
  2. So years back, (8 or so ) i was able to run a home-made l2j server just for some friends with my dynamic ip. Developers nowadays keep claiming i need to have a static IP for the ports to work. I just forgot the process but i'm sure i can do it with a dynamic ip. The thing is , my current router list my ports as CLOSED even if i port-forwarded every port needed for Lineage 2.
  3. Hello everybody, I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make an l2j interlude server. I'm looking for a free pack of files (l2jserver.com download section is not working sadly) but sadly most tutorials date back to 2009-10 and all the links are broken :/