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  1. Hello all..i was wondering how i can set a place as party zone..(i have multifunction code also may i can do it from there? and how.) also if the player isn't in a party of 5+ players he will not be aible to walk in party area that i will set for... sorry for bad english..
  2. Hello Tryskell..i am newbe on java codes and i dont know much ... i cant do the party check i asked..if you could help me somehow i would apreciate it..
  3. Hello MaxCheaters..i am new on java codes and i was wondering if it is possible to write a code when a party of 5+ players get into the party zone and 1-2 of them die (dont res them and they press to village) and the party get lower than ex. 5 players to teleport them all back to teleport spot.. thanks in advance !
  4. Hello MaxCheaters...i added party teleporter on my pack but i need the party zone check..i mean when the party get lower than 5 members inside party zone all the players should be teleported back to gatekeeper..i dont know if it counts but i have the multifunction zone added allready
  5. Hello all..can someone help me by giving me code (jfrozen) party zone and party gatekeeper to add it? i found few but all are for aCis packs and i dont have the knowledge to adapt them for jfrozen pack ..any help will be apriciated..thanks in advance...
  6. Hello all i found this Code on L2jfrozen forum is working if someone want to use says if you are not in a party that you need 5-9 members to join but it allows you to join if you have 2 member pt..i can't fix it cause i dont know much from java codes. if someone can fix it it would be apriciate it..thanks and sorry for my bad english ... :/
  7. Hello..i am new here ..i searched but i didn't found i am buying an individual vote manager or a java code that will make hopzone topzone netzone work for L2jfrozen pack ..thank you
  8. i think this is what you are asking for
  9. here you go allready existing on maxcheaters
  10. Hello ...i am new also here but i found what you were searching for.. go to; and create new class L2SiegeRegisterInstance after this go to your database custom_npc and create one npc with type L2SiegeRegister
  11. Can someone please adapt it for L2jfrozen? thanks a lot.