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  1. RaidFight SERVER Trusted seller , already being in servers that hunt sellers still clean from bans. LIST: COLs 0.5 Euro Each (If you buy it as a packet you will have a GREAT discount on price per characters) pm me for more info (skype,discord).
  2. Greetings to everyone.My sell list is : Characters: 57 DA Full SP : 140 USD 58 PP Full SP : 170 USD Adena 6 USD / 1kk For more informations pm me
  3. As the tittle says i sell stuff on l2 classic dex.I offer the best prices and (because i do it a long ago) i know how to stay hidden from gms. I sell : Shilien Elder 60 Spoiler 62+ I Also sell adena (Best price on the net feel free to ask) and items.Contact me on PM for more informations.
  4. Greetings.I offer high quality services (i know how to stay hidden from admins all these years).My list of chars items is: Characters Shilien Saint 76 50% 100€ Hell Knight 76 lvl 90€ Items Bw Heavy Sets 10€ Doom Robe Sets 10€ Deadmans Glory 10€ (Large stock ,feel free to ask) CONTACT ME ON PRIVATE MESSAGE FOR MORE DETAILS
  5. Hello, i sell Tank Class 76 lvl for 250 euro( i share email too which is just for gaming purpose so you will not need to change account etc) and i sell adena with the price of 15 euro/100kk adena.If anyone interest can pm here to make the transactions.I already have transactions for months and nothing happened to the buyers because i know how to hide from admin team.