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  1. :O i still can not understand why the fak u act like a crazy biatch without reason.... told u allready once DONT SPAM my fking topic !! 1)my skype name is not adenaseller and btw its my main not one that i made only for some trades 2) is it so hard friends and guys that i know quit server and give me their gear for sell so i have to repost??? (btw i am reseller) 3) GTFO MONKEY !!!
  2. WTS : 2x Tpa set 1x Dc robe set 1x MJ L set G wolf 76 -->Top Gear G wolf 70 -->TOp gear 2x TTS jewel Set, 4x TTS ring 6X Tts earing 700kk adena Lance Aoba DLE Demon Dagger 2x Tallum blade
  3. can u just gtfo from here scrub? no one has disapoint from me so far so take a chill pill .....
  4. tateosian set price changed > 45 eu got also 150kk stock ~
  5. thank u guys !!! there are 300kk in stock atm price changed to 0.33 ......
  6. Mj l set sold .... I have new stock 200kk + the dc robe set
  7. Dc set price 60eu Mj l 70eu don't waste my time if u are not interested,few adena left also
  8. WTS Mj L Set/Dc Robe Set & 100kk pm for prices or add my skype