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  1. ermagherrrd. 0.01x... (x1 would be perfect) Anyway, wish you best of luck !
  2. Looks decent, yeah. But myself a hardcore fan I'd like x1 all of em. Btw is it classic or c5? don't get it lol u mention them both. no p2w/ no dualbox is cool premium gives x6 too much
  3. Hello , im selling 5kk+ adena in mmmoway classic x3 server also selling 45 lv phantom ranger and 31 spoiler add me skype: sosikas or pm here paypal only
  4. selling this account full geared , best Bgr gear. (bw set ,etc) Male,clean , cool european nickname.starting price 110euroscontact for more info skype : sosikas
  5. Hello, selling these two accounts on lineage2dex classic x4 server. Necromancer 46 lv (male) - full karmian set , d juve , in hand 2kk adena, 300 ToD , musketeer's hat. Shillen elder 40 lv (female)- devotion set SOLD European , simple , decent, nicknames. Waiting for offers skype: sosikas
  6. selling HAWKEYE 60 lv (none rewards taken) male, good european nickname. 60euros for more info skype : sosikas
  7. WTS this account with doom l set bo juve set scrolls etc.. also selling only items eminence +7 (othell6) - 130eu contact me for more info skype: sosikas
  8. selling this account with european nickname eminence price - 130 eur contacts skype : sosikas
  9. wts this account european nickname full geared for more info skype : sosikas
  10. Wts l2 eu classic skelth account Hawkeye male 60 lv european nickname 90eur also items doom l set eminence +7 (6othell) 140 euros ghouls staff +3 b juve account includes scrolls . mats etc.. (no rewards taken) skype: sosikas
  11. WTS with or without items this account 60 lv hawkeye male European nickname only account : 85 eu Items : eminence bow +7 (6othell) 150 eu doom l set bo juve set ghouls staff (mage best c) (+3) scrolls , mats etc. for everything 220 euros Contact skype: sosikas Accepting paypal
  12. hello wts items in l2 classic eu Skelth eminence bow+7 (6 lv othell) 120eur Ghouls staff mage best c +3 25 eur doom l set 20 eur Bo juve set Also selling this account with he male lv 60 (with everything 230eu) English nickname skype: sosikas