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  1. Beta Is LIVE ! You can download game files now & check the game before the official date launch ! All accounts & game data will be removed at 31/01/2021 - 23:00
  2. Not to much differences x1-x3.Its C5 client.classic I mean retail..if you want,you can play without take premium status which means you can farm x3.Premiun is also for players that they don't have too much time for x3 end they want something more faster than the retail server way.thats why we decide to put the Premium Status.Thank you for your feedback.
  3. L2Cetus UPDATE # 2 Website is online http://www.l2cetus.eu
  4. Server Status updated: The only C5 Private incoming server in Lineage II Community ! More informations soon via website ! P.S : webesite is under construction & will be available from 10/1/2021. www.L2Cetus.eu
  5. Thanks for the feedback my friend,but i decided to be a pure retail PTS like it was at the past. all rates are normal/retail x1
  6. Lineage II Cetus - Updated Version: Oath of Blood - Classic x3 OFFICIAL PTS LAUNCH DATE: 01/02/2021 22:00 [GMT +3] - GENERAL INFO - website: www.l2cetus.eu support & reports : l2cetus.services@gmail.com Lineage II Cetus is a C5 (Oath of Blood) retail classic x3 Project. Golden Chronicle is throwing back some memories to oldschool players and gives the chance to new players to live that great expirience of the hardcore way to level up & enjoy parties for farming etc. L2Server Time: +3 GMT L2Server Launch