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  1. this info comes from me, i was playing on l2dawn, we did a server meeting and choose evoke (you can read part of it on l2dawn forum) since is the only interlude low rate project with the features we are looking for atm, and around 300 ppl moved to it. you can see the rest of community in the clan section recruitment, there are some clans moving from other servers, so for me is a decent eu/na community
  2. we know already. fake or not a more than decent eu/na community is waiting for the opening, let's hope the staff will not destroy it with a 2-3 months cashgrab server, because the opportunity here for own a very nice server with such community is very rare.
  3. some other suggestions: 1)standard system bar icons position 2)expandable top chat panel
  4. i like it but 2nd bar keybinds are not here and it's a must, with both f1-f2 etc keys and numbers you will use the first bar only. pls make the first bar with f keys and 2nd bar usable with numbers, and if it's possible 3rd with qwerty.
  5. i've just copy/pasted the 22 oct version and seem it work. i just don't get what i've to do with the strings above
  6. si gli online non sono alti ma i files sono buoni e sono il top al momento, li montano pure un'altro paio di server grossi, perchè dire che è merda solo perchè non ha fatto 4k all'apertura? è aperto da poche ore dopotutto.
  7. rofl the server is good, no lag and good files, maybe you prefer the 90% l2jsunrise servers on the toplists. i bet you never logged on the server random hater
  8. server started and it's very good, 0 lag and good files!
  9. only one day before the start, try the beta if you didn't!
  10. i'm trying the beta and the files are very good, can't wait for the start!
  11. how is called the interface editor?