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  1. Viernes 22 a las 18 hs GMT -3 abre el server L2Seal, servidor Latino x12 100% antibot. Season III Rates Experience (EXP): 12x. Skill Points (SP): 20x. Adena: 10x. Drop Items: 9x. Spoil: 9x. Recs: 1x. Keys: 3x. SealStones:2x. Quest Experience (EXP): 1x. Quest Skill Points (SP): 1x. Quest Adena: 1x. Quest Drop Items: 1x. Weight Limit: 7x. Manor: 3x. Extract Fish: 3x 5 Pjs por PC podran logearse.. Enchant List Server time: UTC - 3 Duration de Buffs, Dances y Songs: 2 hours Maximum Slots of Buffs 24 + 4 (Divine) Maximum Slots of Dances and Songs : 12? Maximum of Clients per PC: 4 + 2 Offline buffers o Trader Forgotten Scrolls: Auto Cambios de Class por adena. Enchant List Safe Enchant: +4 Safe Enchant (Full Body): +4 Max Enchant: +16 Max Enchant durante las primeras semana de server: +8 Rate Enchant ARMAS (Scrolls Comunes): 40% Rate Enchant ARMADURAS (Scrolls Comunes): 45% Blessed Enchant weapon: 46% Blessed Enchant Armor: 48% Blessed Enchant Jewerly: 50% Sieges En el horario de 16 a 18 horas. Todos los domingos tendremos sieges 1 Castel se dejara apartado como Castle event en todos los sieges. Territory War Todos los sabados de 17 a 19 horas Maxima cantidad de wards permitidas:3 por clan En cada TW se reinician las banderas y vuelven a su castle original Web:
  2. (ChatMessage.Unread) (ChatMessage.ChatType = ctParty)
  3. someone have this interface 2.4 for share?
  4. ty i gonna still in tales
  5. @AchYlek tell me more about ramona server, worth waiting for?!
  6. @AchYlek share this system
  7. WTS KEY 14D 9,50USD / 35BRL
  8. nice artwork but shit files, looks like a brserver inside, confuse community board, muchs glows, wings, oh god, its mu online