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  1. i have tried but cant use normal system, so, good luck with your server, its ok!
  2. time will show the truth. another truth is: no have pvps in all maps, when i say pvp is pvp, not 1x1 in chimera and after 30min another pvp
  3. hey lek, interface with macro will work?
  4. mucho lag para los latin players
  5. another game inside lineage 2, good luck with your project, make your dreams come true
  6. up look like l2mitras, i will enjoy
  7. i buy to, leave me a pm any news? bump
  8. Viernes 22 a las 18 hs GMT -3 abre el server L2Seal, servidor Latino x12 100% antibot. Season III Rates Experience (EXP): 12x. Skill Points (SP): 20x. Adena: 10x. Drop Items: 9x. Spoil: 9x. Recs: 1x. Keys: 3x. SealStones:2x. Quest Experience (EXP): 1x. Quest Skill Points (SP): 1x. Quest Adena: 1x. Quest Drop Items: 1x. Weight Limit: 7x. Manor: 3x. Extract Fish: 3x 5 Pjs por PC podran logearse.. Enchant List Server time: UTC - 3 Duration de Buffs, Dances y Songs: 2 hours Maximum Slots of Buffs 24 + 4 (Divine) Maximum Slots of Dances and Songs : 12? Maximum of Clients per PC: 4 + 2 Offline buffers o Trader Forgotten Scrolls: Auto Cambios de Class por adena. Enchant List Safe Enchant: +4 Safe Enchant (Full Body): +4 Max Enchant: +16 Max Enchant durante las primeras semana de server: +8 Rate Enchant ARMAS (Scrolls Comunes): 40% Rate Enchant ARMADURAS (Scrolls Comunes): 45% Blessed Enchant weapon: 46% Blessed Enchant Armor: 48% Blessed Enchant Jewerly: 50% Sieges En el horario de 16 a 18 horas. Todos los domingos tendremos sieges 1 Castel se dejara apartado como Castle event en todos los sieges. Territory War Todos los sabados de 17 a 19 horas Maxima cantidad de wards permitidas:3 por clan En cada TW se reinician las banderas y vuelven a su castle original Web:
  9. (ChatMessage.Unread) (ChatMessage.ChatType = ctParty)