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  1. Hello, my friends! I think we have fulfilled all the promises we made during our first x7 server, which is still online! So we would like to invite everyone to the summer version, full of challenges and PVPs that we have been preparing all this time. The server has been prepared for RU community too Our changelog: https://forum.l2against.eu/forumdisplay.php?fid=7 So.. Every player who loves to PvP 1 vs 1 or even team vs team, should call his friends and create a party to rape some asses in the game! This project is created for people, so you must join our community! WEBSITE:https://l2against.eu/ FORUM:https://forum.l2against.eu/ CHECK OUR OUR EVENTS: https://forum.l2against.eu/forumdisplay.php?fid=6 Everything is described in the bellowed specifications. The concept can be changed a little, but all changes are going to be mentioned here and on our website/forum. You can discuss and suggest your ideas on our Forum and by participating in our Polls. Open Beta Tests: 03 July 2020 (counter on website) Grand Opening Date: 10 July 2020 (counter on website) FAQ Question: What is your policy like? Answer: No more hidden code(eg. boost statistics), everything here is public(including changes). No more corruptions Server for people, because people create community! Question: What about bots? Do you have any solution? Answer: Everyone, who has played or still playing knows how we approach such players. There are not second chances, but we gonna clear all HWID/IP bans for this summer server. Question: Do you allow any change in an interface? Answer: Unfortunately no, but we've prepared awesome interface, so it won't be necessary to change it. Question: How can I contact you? Answer: Forum, Discord, Facebook General information Server Platform: Java Files (PTS OFF-LIKE) Drop&Spoil: based on l2jserver.com Maximum Clients per HWID : 1+1 without premium 1+3 with premium Auto Learn Skills: up to 85lvl Auto Loot: On GM Shop: up to S grade Mana Potions: Mana Potions ( works like greater healing potion) --> 100mp/second in PVP/PVE for 12 seconds, 20(8 seconds delay). Auto CP/HP/MP: On PvP zones: All epics & 3rb Updates: Every 1-2 weeks Certifications: Working on all subclasses Classic War System Daily Raid Boss Debuffs: The player is immuned on the same debuff if he has it. Next one(identical) has a lower chance to land rate for a few seconds GENERAL RATES: Exp: x77 SP: x77 Adena: x50 Quest Reward: x5 Quest Items: x5 Epaulettes: x4 Drop/Spoil Chance: x1/5 Raid Boss Drop: х3 Drop/Spoil: x10 / x3 VOTING for SERVER: Game Currency: PROFESSION, SUBCLASS, NOBLESSE: NEW WAR SYSTEM: BUFFER: ENCHANT: OLYMPIAD: EPIC BOSSES: IMPROVED JEWELLERY The minimum number of players for entrance the main Instance Zones: EVENTS: OPEN BETA TESTS:
  2. Patch 3.0 part 1 has been released :) https://forum.l2against.eu/showthread.php?tid=149
  3. Random PvP from Today but nvm ;)
  4. https://forum.l2against.eu/showthread.php?tid=145 Patch 2.0 released! @Maniantis He didn't get ban for this screen :) We were testing oly changes on local(check patch note) and it was miss click (the wrong window). We returned the points and the fight. Still stable 1k online after 1 month! Join us and u won't regret this decision.
  5. I think, you are in the wrong topic ;) Mhm...show me! We're banning people every day for hwid +IP. Every single report + we're hunting all the time ;)
  6. That's the only true sentence in this post ;)
  7. It was a few days ago and I've checked each character on the server. I think you've been already banned. Yeye, I am very positive person :) Patch 1.6 upcoming
  8. First of all, online is not multiplied x3 but it shows the real one + boxes. The server is made in such a way that people don't have to use boxes, i.e. certifications on subclasses, full buffer etc. For example, I will give you the last online where 960 players were logged in, including 725 unique HWIDs. The whole tatan party was banned because they behaved like animals. They were chat banned multiple times, but these warnings didn't work. If it comes to Anakim, we've announce the whole situation globally, so each player was informed. This is our mistake and we admit it. What's more, the rumours about 1 thousand DP as a recompensate are totally fabricated by you. We've contacted with this party and our proposal was to reroll their one character, who was specially made for Anakim Transformation. They were farming festival's for the whole week to reach their goal. Anyway, they rejected our offer and they're still playing and not crying like you(tatan). BTW. Changelog: Patch 1.5 --> https://forum.l2against.eu/showthread.php?tid=123
  9. Last online record: 1134 :) If you are looking for server without bots, it's the best time to join! Tomorrow first EPIC: BAIUM!
  10. GR side has joined today! 980 new record online! Lets reach 1000 ! (check spoiler)
  11. Dear friends, First of all, We would like to apologize to you for the problems with yesterday's registration caused by very heavy DDOS attacks. We hope that we intervened very quickly and everyone could connect to our server. Almost all auto-created account are already assigned on website! If someone can't still log in, contact us via discord/facebook. We ensure 24/7 support. Let's talk about numbers: - More than a million unique visits on our website (kappa) -Total registered master accounts so far: 1246 - New online record: Over 900! JOIN TO OUR COMMUNITY! NO BOTS! FRIENDLY 24/7 SUPPORT!