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  1. Hi :) and thanks Is a h5 server, mad rates (x15) It uses a new kind of smart ward. I cant use deadz interface :( www.lineage2seal.com
  2. Hey! a want to buy a working interface for lineage2seal
  3. Hi i see this good server i hope everybody like pag: http://linekkit.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/Linekkit 6k+ like info: LK H5 Characteristics Exp -> x12 (with Dynamic Rates System) Sp -> x12 (with Dynamic Rates System) Drop -> x10 Spoil -> x10 Adena -> x10 Party Exp -> x1.5 Party Sp -> x1.5 Quest item drop -> x4 Quest reward -> x1 Quest exp y sp reward -> x2 Hellbound Trust Increase -> x50 Raid drop -> x3 Epic jewelry drop: Chance -> x1 Amount-> x1 Herb of vitality: ON Nevits System: ON Hunting Bonus System: OFF Auto pickup: ON Auto learn
  4. i test the server but... :'(.... in the first hour the players had already sold AM with acumen in giran :/ you need to check the rates. In a x10 rates that is possible? i played many x10 h5 and it never hapend u.u"
  5. Ven a jugar en l2 Phalanx / Come and play in L2 Phalanx (Mid) http://www.l2phalanx.eu OPEN 06/05/11 Gm's 24/24 10x : XP/SP/Adena 5x : Spoil 10x : Drop 3x : Quests Enchant : +3 safe Enchant : +20 max enchant Enchant : 66% chance DATAPACK L2DC TE ESPERAMOS :D
  6. :D go to www.l2althea.com and join us!!