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  1. Do u miss me u suxor ? or u forgot about meh ?


    1. Setekh


      yeah, kinda missed ya

    2. TheMentaL


      kinda ? now i feel sad :( bring me a pizza ^.^ i just logged in after a long time and show ur msg :P


    3. Setekh


      Pizza, Vodka, Rakia and a lot of ill intend haha

  2. You still alive bitch

  3. Hey guys its been a while ! So as the title says lately i started to burn on Ark which is AMAZING game even in its Alpha stage ... I noticed that on the server im currently playing and the rest i went to take a look its always 1 tribe to rule the server and manipulate it the way it fits them ! so i was checking for a good European server fresh to start and of course with official rates i dont like the pvp fast exp , tame and shit ... i like it the hard way ! so im looking for fellas which play ark and they are looking for the same as me to start fresh :) Here is the IP u will find me on
  4. bumpy still working , earning dropping as long as community involves ! take it now before its too late to earn gold , trion already are after those kind of exploits
  5. A moderator please remove this topic is not available anymore
  6. Yeah its true archeage opened their server in our precious EU and NA a hit game which bring a new era to mmorpg sandbox games , i personally joined from alpha i didnt had time to play a lot but the moment i saw this game i wanted to contribute on this community , reminds be back on the age of lineage 2 Cronicle 1 when i saw that game i though i wasnt alive , i discovered that i wanted to be a GAMER !!! from the moment i played my first mmorpg which was L2 i never left games , it was a gateway to another world and year by year this world was becoming so much better . So without further talk let
  7. Archeage and lol as we speak mostly in the mean time i play another bunch of games but mostly those 2
  8. bump till live we will gathering ppl for a guild if activity is good , we will go for it , if not we can be a family and play as grp on another guild ;) so either a Constant Party for group play or a guild we gonna have some fun !
  9. So i joined last night Archage which seems to be a new Epic MMORPG game with HUGE potentials , anyone intrested on helping me create a EU guild ? and join the ride with me , im looking for ppl willing to have some fun ! TS and forums can be made in no time . PPL willing to help and join pm me here or add me on skype koulisaman !! its gonna be fun and closed beta starts at 17th of july !! TS3 and Forums/Site will be made if we reach the population we need
  10. any skype support or english version of the project so we can check ur progress and if it worths ? pm me or add me in skype : koulisaman
  11. Playing l2 to remember the old good days !!

  12. if ur intrested about selling it contact me on skype : koulisaman and as dark said dont bother to add if u wanna go first ... ur not a trusted member i aint giving money in front and u wont find anyone prop so if u want to do the transaction and price talking add me ;)
  13. add me in skype koulisaman