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  1. hi, delete my acc pls not lock, not ban! just DELETE IT, I know Maxtor that u are retard, but I think u know how to delete acc
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  4. merry christmas and happy new year!
  5. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/120475-blade-soul-private-server/
  6. Grand Opening: 28.12.2013 | 20:00 GMT +1 www.l2nobility.com/forum More than 1k ppl on forum!
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  8. Season I ( Final Features ) The first season goal is to aquire your S-Grade gear, Subclass, Noblesse and have fun fighting and raiding. Areas - Imperial Tomb Adena Ancient Scroll - Catacomb (To enter the catacombs you need to reach the end of the Imperial Tomb) Ancient Adena Ancient Soul - Ruins of Despair (Event & Chaotic Area) Items Ancient Cloth (Permanent stealth, useful for monsters to not agress you while you reach the catacombs passing Imperial Tomb or while PvPing) Raiding - Beleth (Gate Boss) -> Lilith (Raid Boss) - Darion (Gate Boss) -
  9. Full infos: #1 | #2 Advertising Event: Here Post Your suggestions: Here Advertise Your Clan/Ally: Here Grand Opening: 28.12.2013 | 20:00 GMT +1
  10. no way that Maxtor will answer You.. He fuck all and this forum He is staffer here, so he do nothing :D