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  1. For me not for now . We should focus on l2 market place since it’s the most popular board here .
  2. Εν τω μεταξύ ανοιχτά τα έχω τα πμ δεν έχω πειράξει τίποτα .
  3. Τα ίδια φίλε εδώ στον αγώνα . Εσυ ;
  4. Hello . In order to ban someone you should provide us some evidence in public (!) . None is gonna pm you . You’re the one that you got the problem also you should post them in public for the whole staff . Thanks
  5. Hello guys . We need your help in order to create some new boards . The plan is to remove the inactive/unnecessary ones and create 2-3 as a start ! Tell us what new games do you wanna see . ( Games with activity )
  6. Maxtor already knows about this situation and he is gonna fix it soon .
  7. I am going to talk with @Maxtor about that since we don’t have the permissions to change it . I will inform you .
  8. Both of you are right.