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  1. That's weird I remember nBd's skype a little different :dat:
  2. @Intrepid, just don't do it, you'll waste your time and get bored and drop another thing in your life, because coding requires time and passion and if you "miss coding" that means you are not passionate enough to do it often not to miss it. About the bogus information you are giving about L2J project, I'd invite you to check the trac and the code, but you guys are too pro to waste time on that, so I'll make it short and tell you that we don't make "temp fixes", we are the only team, coding publicly, that makes complete reworks of stuff that is working wrong or it's implementation is not go
  3. "3. Working tauti skills, items and mobs stats (within reason - nobody is expecting for everything to work)." Unless someone steal this from a project and try to sell it here, that requires a lot of work, unless you pay for custom shit.
  4. HEY! I wanted to sell that... dammit! You are too kind, I was 6-7 years old coding in C and the code was better that such code, and that was looong time ago :D
  5. Well you are totally wrong, I give everything I do for free and don't keep anything, I don't have a server and I don't work for servers. There is no secret code shared between developers, there is no secret svns, all we do is for free, for all. If you can't see that L2J is a real open source project, then you should expend some time in our forums, maybe you can learn a thing or two. I not only work at L2J as main project, but also help projects with good open source spirit such as L2JFrozen. I don't expect you to check trac but you will see we added hundred of missing features
  6. Actually I believe you don't see the real beauty here: Really short import list (3 or 4 imports per class), huge improvement when you try to compile code. Proper management of connection close: if (con != null) if (localThrowable2 != null) try { con.close(); } catch (Throwable x2) { localThrowable2.addSuppressed(x2); } else con.close(); All static data saved in database for easy modifications. Duplicated code that improves readability and maintenance. Declaration of mutators, but no use for them all fields are public. No use of complex code, interfaces, abstract classes, polymorphi
  7. Well how much would you pay a professional developer to do this? I know a few that helped me, I can recommend them.
  8. Lies! Very good skilled awesome friendly funny cool smart sexy developer.
  9. I had a good laugh about the custom title. I'd do it like this: newChar.setTitle(Config.START_TITLE); Where Config.START_TITLE is empty String as default and you could drop the useless boolean Config.ALLOW_START_TITLE Although, not sure, but if you don't set something it may be null and you would get NPEs around the code, if you keep the Config.ALLOW_START_TITLE then you should set an empty String before, not in an else clause. Have fun!
  10. You will have Goddess of Destruction server for free once we release it. ^_^
  11. I fun to see that most of the work is synch from my work, even Javadocs! I guess if we stop committing it will die like a plant with no water.