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  1. You got back your purple name matching your pink dildo!

  2. Yes thats how it works but just because you are able to buy/download something you dont get ownership to it which would be the base of your complaint. You just proved that any claim you make is irrelevant because its not your work that anyone sells because changing a few config files is not actual work rather something developers did for easier access for themselfs and some did for a noob friendly use.
  3. So you just admint that you didnt do jack shit just changed a few config files. Nice way to further your point. :D
  4. Just a little addition to increase the amount of salt in both of you. Outlaw you have a collection of megauploaded files, you shared them here fine but no proof of who the actual author is so you COULD BE a liar here. Blackhive you are the true definition of an asshole anyhow comments aside you sell packs of servers that dont run anymore and if anyone knows server owners its most likely me. When a server fails for whatever reason the pack is sold to get more money out of it to buy another pack mostly based russian sources or leaks. So you also could be a liar here. Conclusion both of you ar
  5. I know, but i still find it funny that i got it out of all people :D
  6. I understand that and its good you did realize that. To tell you the honest to god truth because of the reasons i said before i see no use for such a tool maybe a mimic of the ingame admin panel but thats way too much work for little gains.
  7. Btw maxtor just askin...you sent me this pm Looking for Moderators in any position. Must be active. If you want to apply please reply this message. You havent really thought this through right?(Yes i know its a mass sent pm but still) :D
  8. Because you only mentioned useless stuff like account activiton/creation. Besides that an l2 control panel would further increase the plug and play mentality which was always the downfall of l2j. This may be harsh but 90% of the people who open servers should never even try to begin with. It is so easy i can teach it to my 6y old nephew easily in a week how to run a server it is so easy with all the available tools.
  9. Its conflicting because hes reporting 2 person at the same time without reason :D
  10. So gold e' C4sh wanted to buy a char you want to sell, the topic you linked is no proof at all it contains only an accusation from you towards a different account than what you refer to. You didnt linked here the conversation. OR You have really bad english you wanted to buy a character and you report Cashout. :D
  11. Now you truly earned that darwin award lol. :D
  12. It means your noblesse and buffer npc doesnt exist on the location that is given in the scripts.cfg. You either dont have it there or the path in the cfg is wrong.
  13. Sorry father for i have sinned for the millionth time :D
  14. BTW if you do so i hereby present you the gift of all that is evil, the gift that sends a shiver down everyones spine and everytime its used a 10year old server owners cries in agony. The legendary...The only...The BANHAMMER