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  1. Well dunno man, i worked with the guy and he is cool, he delivers his work and its HQ. Maybe he is busy with real life ? I am sure he will deliver his work...but complaint is done already :/
  2. Why should someone rent from some random reseller ? Why not straight from OVH in this case ?
  3. Croncos - UK Blazingfast - UKR Softlayer - US Voxility - RO All these 4 are 90% full proof highly secured networks. Can be taken down only if you piss off the wrong people just. OVH pure garbage, can be shot down with a ping DOS tool. Anyone can piss on it. Own experience. Even with tunneling shit. Too much email spam also. Trash.
  4. Contact me via PM with your skype, i will solve your issue out if there is any now. Sorry i was away and busy quite alot.
  5. Set it free on the internet mate. It is not worth to keep it locked on a computer. As it is being said in the movoies : Let it goooo, let it gooooo !!!!!!!
  6. There are not many options for him, his extender rev is old. Beside the options he listed he can only pick a option like : 1 box opens 3 items -> each item can be exchanged in a npc for various items, multisell can trade you 1 item vs 10 even.
  7. Old extender rev. Way too old. Etherian's idea stand because your extender rev is old. For a new start package you can use this : initial_equipment_begin human_fighter={[mask_noble];[hard_leather_helmet];[bone_gaiters];[bone_shield];[bone_breastplate];[bracer];[boots];[sword_breaker];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinite_soulshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} human_magician={[mask_noble];[bone_shield];[bracer];[leather_helmet];[tunic_of_devotion];[hose_of_devotion];[boots];[voodoo_doll];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinity_blessed_spiritshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} elf_fighter={[mask_noble];[hard_leather_helmet];[bone_gaiters];[bone_shield];[bone_breastplate];[bracer];[boots];[sword_breaker];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinite_soulshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} elf_magician={[mask_noble];[bone_shield];[bracer];[leather_helmet];[tunic_of_devotion];[hose_of_devotion];[boots];[voodoo_doll];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinity_blessed_spiritshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} darkelf_fighter={[mask_noble];[hard_leather_helmet];[bone_gaiters];[bone_shield];[bone_breastplate];[bracer];[boots];[sword_breaker];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinite_soulshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} darkelf_magician={[mask_noble];[bone_shield];[bracer];[leather_helmet];[tunic_of_devotion];[hose_of_devotion];[boots];[voodoo_doll];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinity_blessed_spiritshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} orc_fighter={[mask_noble];[hard_leather_helmet];[bone_gaiters];[bone_shield];[bone_breastplate];[bracer];[boots];[iron_hammer];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinite_soulshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} orc_shaman={[mask_noble];[bone_shield];[bracer];[leather_helmet];[tunic_of_devotion];[hose_of_devotion];[boots];[voodoo_doll];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinity_blessed_spiritshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} dwarf_apprentice={[mask_noble];[hard_leather_helmet];[bone_gaiters];[bone_shield];[bone_breastplate];[bracer];[boots];[iron_hammer];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinite_soulshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} initial_equipment_end Or you can give within the same settings the chars some kind of coupons and they can exchange to the npcs for items.
  8. What files are you using and rev ? If you are using vanganth files you have the effect : i_give_item {i_give_item;ID;count}
  9. There is no such thing as unlimited keys, summer 2016 thread, outdated. Vanganth is out of the scheme. I would not trust this person. Not recomended