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  1. Well dunno man, i worked with the guy and he is cool, he delivers his work and its HQ. Maybe he is busy with real life ? I am sure he will deliver his work...but complaint is done already :/
  2. Why should someone rent from some random reseller ? Why not straight from OVH in this case ?
  3. Croncos - UK Blazingfast - UKR Softlayer - US Voxility - RO All these 4 are 90% full proof highly secured networks. Can be taken down only if you piss off the wrong people just. OVH pure garbage, can be shot down with a ping DOS tool. Anyone can piss on it. Own experience. Even with tunneling shit. Too much email spam also. Trash.
  4. Contact me via PM with your skype, i will solve your issue out if there is any now. Sorry i was away and busy quite alot.
  5. Set it free on the internet mate. It is not worth to keep it locked on a computer. As it is being said in the movoies : Let it goooo, let it gooooo !!!!!!!
  6. There are not many options for him, his extender rev is old. Beside the options he listed he can only pick a option like : 1 box opens 3 items -> each item can be exchanged in a npc for various items, multisell can trade you 1 item vs 10 even.
  7. Old extender rev. Way too old. Etherian's idea stand because your extender rev is old. For a new start package you can use this : initial_equipment_begin human_fighter={[mask_noble];[hard_leather_helmet];[bone_gaiters];[bone_shield];[bone_breastplate];[bracer];[boots];[sword_breaker];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[coral_earing];[blue_coral_ring];[blue_coral_ring];[infinite_soulshot_none];[tutorial_guide]} human_magician={[mask_noble];[bone_shield];[bracer];[leather_helmet];[tunic_of_devotion];[hose_of_devotion];[boots];[voodoo_doll];[blue_diamond_necklace];[coral_earing];[
  8. What files are you using and rev ? If you are using vanganth files you have the effect : i_give_item {i_give_item;ID;count}
  9. There is no such thing as unlimited keys, summer 2016 thread, outdated. Vanganth is out of the scheme. I would not trust this person. Not recomended