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  1. Ok, with a little help I found a bug and fixed it Topic can be closed or deleted.
  2. Check if they are in the spawnlist like the others, next check geodata, read server logs.
  3. Try spawn with admin command: //spawn mob_id or //summon mob_id Check if mob exist in datapack
  4. A topic that requires a password that the author does not want to provide to forum users should not be pinned
  5. To this time I do not see better looking skills animations in game than old UE2 Lineage 2 NCSoft is focused now on mobile games market. Money and only money. Lineage 2M is a big commercial success, best selling mobile game in Google Store, company reach almost 0.5 million € income every day! The game itself is hopeless - nothing common to original L2, only music, names, some monsters meshes.
  6. Old LU4 movie, AFAIK LU4 is mostly unfinished - few monts ago team work on some armor adaption. I saw only Dark Elves Village, Talking Island, Wasteland, Ants Cave, partially done Forgotten Temple, some random areas on west of Aden Kingdom - Ruins of Agony. I can be wrong, but IMO only 1/3-1/4 of area are done. Dunno about rest - characters, skills, items. In almost 5 years. You can read on FB last news about project status from the project leader. Guys from Remorse take old LU4 and they started some marketing noise. The
  7. I'm talking about possibilities not peebles on the road like lack of game knowledge. It not my words, but someone on the forum said - some delevloper l2j maybe know j but not l2
  8. "MUST"? "equivalent code"? It is a wrong idea. Game mechanic is well know, that's why the java emulator was made, some guys try even CSharp or javascript. Nothing prevents you from writing such a new game engine, modern, based on newest tech stack and modern compilers. How many players can hold l2off Interlude? 10k? 15K? How about 100k? 200k? How can I be sure that l2off project was perfect? The way @MasterToma is the dead end. Technology and ideas from 2000, not 2020. The problem is here - developers community. Try look at WoW emulators - C++, good documentation, opensourced.
  9. Yes, sure, and I am the Elvis. Call me The King
  10. i'm searching for patchnotes Classic: Antharas, Seven Signs and Secret of Empire Can be EU or KR, not NA
  11. How about catacumbs and necropolis from 7s? They are not in Salvation client
  12. I think he is asking for the source code. There is no reason having old bugged packs c2-c4. Only MastreToma has source code in C++ c1