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  1. I must agree. This server is pure garbage with chimeric and arrogant administrator. He banned many accounts without reason, only for talking about bugs. I rememeber his first site and declarations: "All is working 100%". For real it's really old files - missing spawns, wrong skills formulas, bugged geoengine, bugget geodata. No forum for users - players cannot discuss, admin don't want talking about old bugs from 2007. In game blocked on chats words like 'leave". I strongly advise against this server
  2. Only desert. Yeah, with animation of wind/sand, but without characters. Or files are not compatible with new client
  3. Anyone know, where are hidden animations from login screen - female warlord on the left and lizzard on the right. I'm looking for files .
  4. Why people choose old Frozen over aCis, old Lucera or Essence?