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  1. How about catacumbs and necropolis from 7s? They are not in Salvation client
  2. I think he is asking for the source code. There is no reason having old bugged packs c2-c4. Only MastreToma has source code in C++ c1
  3. No, never had., and he will never have it . With the reason . The administrator doesn't want players to talk about what's going on there - especially about bugs. This is the reason why the server "is the best"
  4.!vDZ3SAqA!eVyTLIL5SNMIF6sUTk9RRSclS1Gvl4dwUgiC3KNl_Sg Valid 48h
  6. I'm sure You never played in Lineage 2. The real Lineage 2 from past, I don't mind todays crapp on retail servers. Most modificatinons are "custom shits" - in my time the server was heavily modified, apart from the bugs. The server has nothing with old Lienage 2 retail gameplay, is another bugged custom java emulator. Now I'm convinced now - You are connetced with server staff or simple stupid defending server - You're trying to call me a liar and deny the facts. This is still not answer. It's uncommon. Honestyly I dont know another one without forums. Answer is the one - admin don't want talks about bugs. Crapp is always crapp. BTW , who are "we"? Ok, I'm joking, do not try to answer. Your entry is a praise to the server and and an attempt to discredit critics - with no facts but insultings EOT
  7. Only reason for playing there is "long term". No one deny. No one argue. Nothing more. My opinion is still valid. My questions are still valid. Maybe the server is the best choice, but still bad choice.
  8. Guess why server has no forum? Guess why server censored words like "leave" on chats? Have you ever played on this server? Why would old players criticize the server for no reason?
  9. I must agree. This server is pure garbage with chimeric and arrogant administrator. He banned many accounts without reason, only for talking about bugs. I rememeber his first site and declarations: "All is working 100%". For real it's really old files - missing spawns, wrong skills formulas, bugged geoengine, bugget geodata. No forum for users - players cannot discuss, admin don't want talking about old bugs from 2007. In game blocked on chats words like 'leave". I strongly advise against this server
  10. Only desert. Yeah, with animation of wind/sand, but without characters. Or files are not compatible with new client
  11. Anyone know, where are hidden animations from login screen - female warlord on the left and lizzard on the right. I'm looking for files .
  12. Why people choose old Frozen over aCis, old Lucera or Essence?