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  1. @Hann1bal Μαλλον εκανες λαθος στο βημα compile and configuration , Σιγουρεψου οτι εκανες και τα 2 build.xml (gameserver,loginserver) run as ant build 1. Αλλιως δες αν εχεις μια πιο παλια εκδοση Java δεν ξερω ποια εκδοση ανεβασε ο δημιουργος του topic. Για να δεις την εκδοση java start menu --> java ---> about java. Αν θυμαμαι καλα μετα το rev 382 καλο θα ηταν να εχεις jdk 11.
  2. For acis 372 rev. Core Datapack It's not too shabby but whatever it's free share right ? :)
  3. When you see red X on ur package it means some files inside this package have errrors. Since this file (PlayerBuffer) is inside instance package it will have red X and obviously the file itself will have the red X on it. So you have 2 options either rework it or find new one (as root pointed out). Since you didnt know about this things i strongly advice you to start checking some guides etc... If you wish i can share with you my rework of this but it's for 372 rev.
  4. Im sure you got a client error request on ur gameserver console :D You have to add the code on core side aswell : https://pastebin.com/n8jaVzuJ
  5. It's like you are a SS nazi member but you are surrounded by black people. Guess what? You will never reveal your identity simply because you will be "killed" by them. Same applies for this example. So i doubt that any admin with common sense will ever give a feedback. Revealing who is using it on "public".
  6. Testers Many Servers beside the bot issues they also have one more thing in common . Almost all use the same formula for balance scaling system leading to two playable end game class's (Archers + Mages). Making the gameplay monotone and not fun for players who seek to play other class's too. What we offer: Individual in game checks of all class's, testing the skills,stats and their actual pvp action. After finishing with this process we give in-depth explanation with things that interfere with the balance and how to fix them. Price: Tester - Packet 20€ GM - Bot Hunter Botting is common issue nowdays, many servers suffer because of that and overall it's bad experience. Especially for players who doesnt use cheats giving the unfair taste in their mouth. Sellers who offer build in anti-bot protection claim that their product is the "solution" for this issue but the problem is still there and rolling. So the most effective way is to provide active protection by a human being instead of some codes making checks here and there. What we offer We take our job seriously since someone is willing to pay for this service, it will be rude (if not trashy) to give something bad in return. So our goal is to give the owner alongside the players in community a good quality - bot-free experience. Documenting all the actions made by the GM - Bot Hunter and giving the history of actions to the owner so he knows what is going on. As for permissions Jail command is enough for our job. Prices: Session: GM - Bot Hunter 8€ (per day) Full time: GM - Bot Hunter 200€ (monthly) Discord: Onizuka#8568 for more infos Site: L2 Police
  7. You really didnt change the passwords what the...? 1) Change database password 2)change ur hosting password
  8. Their new ideas like mastery skill trees, custom quests , or what ever sucks big time too. People who play l2 doesnt even care about such things Lineage 2 had the worst quests from almost all mmorpg games out there. Still people who played this game wasnt because of the "good" (kappa) quest lines. But because of the intense massive pvp action like sieges, rb fights,mass pvp's etc and hardcore griding (before IL era)... Since this game is fight oriented you are obligated as admin to focus on balance, if ur balance sucks. You fk the purpose of the game. LMAO
  9. Many doesnt get it , game as it is might not be (completely) dead but the playable part is definetely dead for years. As already known since the beginning of l2 emulator the donation introduction was the nemesis of the game. But compared to the old days prepared CP's wasnt a thing . Game was still fresh and many didnt know much about it. So game was kinda pure to an extend, now it's tradition for admins to expect money for their server, and ask cp's to join their server for money. Even players got corrupted somehow, asking money ( this is sad). So the result of all this madness is players who look up for the quality decreased significantly most of them already retired and the few who left play occasionally. Now about the 90% of players out there are old hags who doesnt know much about the game, donating to play archer with duel might passive,active this is pretty much the majority of l2 community now and admins milking them non - stop. Anyway thats old news. Story of l2 private servers *Fact. I will tell you why admins have the 70% of the fault here.It's simple because they dont bother to ask the community for improvements. They keep abusing the same formula over and over again, introducing new interfaces even bot allow features (what?) thats it pretty much. They completely ignore the balance system, but im almost sure that they just dont know how to do it. They are that bad. Question for big name admins out there: After all this years milking donates, why u dont create a legit server with many playable class's. It's actually easy to make stop using the same god damn formula. Balance system sucks big time.
  10. Besides that , every single sever out there use the same balance scaling system. Unavoidable end game full of archers + mages. Making the game monotone, ofc it's not entirely admins fault. Since l2 players got older and sick of farming due to work or whatever . Providing them NPC Buffers , vip premium boosts , donate bling blings etc... Everything to make their experience more convinient. Even low rate servers somehow fail that, it's actually amazing. This is due to bad game knowledge. Most servers use the same features (if not identical) with some minor differences. Either you create a server with many playable class's or dont even bother to make one.Because there are already many server using the same formula over and over again so one more with the same features doesnt make any difference. There is definitely a way to achieve that and it's actually easy to make.
  11. I can create a new section with "Ask to be a reviewer" or sth similar to that. So i can create a new custom group with special perms to create topics in Review Section. You are right i might change it Thanks for ur suggestions guys , everyone is welcome to share his opinion.
  12. Never trust ppl who never made trades in the past,,always check the activity of the user. If ppl vouch for him etc.
  13. I get it people are suspicious, i dont blame them. It's hard to prove you wont be like the other. Im just a player, i try to share my knowledge for a good cause. Sharing my experiences with servers that i played-playing. Will help people to avoid bad servers etc. Providing them a clean top list that has been made by players who rly saw the raw side of each server they reviewed. But this project is huge , we have to manually check each server live. It will take time, as we get more help the lists will be filled faster.
  14. It's easy to understand if im corrupted or anything , use your common sense. I didnt make this site to be listed as the corrupted guy who made a new corrupted top list. I like it it's my new hobby, i do it because i feel doing it. My intentions are good, i dont chase the money.It aint much, but it's a honest work. Still feeling like it's all fake with future plans to get money? Feel free to believe it. I cant reply to every person who thinks im suspicious or i will be corrupted in the future. Every person who makes review topics , they get displayed on our discord server. So we can discuss it live if u feel so. I think u confused the preview section of mxc with my review section. Different words , different intentions check it. You are welcome if u want to join us. P.S I plan to add videos of each server i review , showing the features live. P.S2 I might add twitch aswell, not sure about that tho.
  15. Everyone is welcome to write their own reviews. There is a reason why i added poll to each post. If ppl disagree , they can freely share their side of the story. Never claimed that everything i say is 100% correct. But i guess its easier to complain instead of doing actually something. Made 5 reviews still only one is on a category. I dont just make reviews and instantly add them to the list.