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  1. Acis ειναι καλη επιλογη (αυτο το project δουλευω κι'εγω),μπορεις να κανεις πολλα αν ξες καποια πραγματα. Απο την αλλη αν θες custom npcs, ετοιμα configs με pvp colors κτλπ υπαρχουν αλλα project που το προσφερουν (χωρις βεβαια να σημαινει οτι ειναι καλυτερα). Οπως καταλαβαινεις καθε project εχει τα δικα του pros και cons τσεκαρετα και δες ποιο ειναι πιο κοντα στα "γουστα" σου.
  2. Balance + interlude + free ειναι 3 πραγματα που δεν πανε μαζι. Γενικα αν δεν ριξεις δουλεια απο μονος ή πληρωσεις καποιον... αλλιως δυσκολα bro. Πιασε ενα open source pack και ξεκινα δουλεια. Δες εδω
  3. Mystic Muse 78 - Eva's Saint 78 - Hierophant 77 (60%) - Bladedancer as a gift Mystic Muse dc robe set +3 tateossian set Sub class quest - Done Eva's Saint bw robe set mace of the underworld +6 - mana up A grade jewls Hierophant karmian set homu+acu c grade jewls all accounts have premium
  4. I checked la2 dreams... Huge dissapointment made 5 chars 2 spoilers, 1 crafter collected huge amount of mats. Guess what i completely failed to craft all the parts of dc and AM. After that i went crazy and realised i dont have the patience i once had to play l2 anymore. So thats it for now folks. I may play on server which with farming i can take S grade etc... Like pvpx if u remember that server.
  5. Hello everyone, well... after many inactive years i decided to play L2 once again (im kinda lost tho). Because i have no idea how the things are atm on lineage 2 community etc... So im asking ur help to give me ur suggestion. So i would like a server with some or in the best scenario all the bellow features: 1)A stable server with no intention to close after some months. Good anti-hacking system,ddos etc...w.o lag issues. 2)New server, i will make an exception for older server if it has rly high quality content with action (no desert like). 3)Many active ppl 4)Rates 5 up to 30 5)No custom items etc thanks in advance.
  6. w.o offense my friend but you cant do nothing about that, even if all the good devs cooperate together still the game will miss something it's not your fault not even l2j devs fault. It is what it is Lineage 2 official died when it reached interlude thats it. After that everything went to hell. It was cause of many reasons one of them was competitivity with WOW but NCSOFT sadly forgot the reason why players loved Lineage and they changed it to make something similar to WOW everything that is related to game objectives etc. But anyway my point is that if people not related to original official NCSOFT staff takes the game and try to make it better then sth is very very wrong (aside the free option). As a programmer/L2 player i saw and played on almost all the projects that have been created here but... it's like scratching the wall full of bugs, many ingame issues, glitches, not right ballance of the chars etc and all that for what ? To revive one dead client and make it similar to the official interlude when it was open many years ago. It's kinda stupid. I dont want to say that the devs who "plays" with l2j or what ever name they gave to their projects are bad It's not that. Everything is due to free work you cant tell to one guy to revive one dead client (c6 for example) working his ass all day alone most of the times it's obvious that this project will have cracks. Dont forget the lineage 2 official game has a huge team if u go to see the credits on the game u will understand what i mean. So in the end even if u find 20 (fucking good) staff here who would work on this project for 1 year straight to make this game how you-they want. It's not worth someone must pay all this guys. One tip from ex veteran L2 player is you can tell easily if the owner of the server loves the game or the money simply by the donation section. Anyway sorry for the long post.
  7. I sell both of my accounts (West and East), each account has a lot of skins,champs,runes etc... Send me email or add me on skype: devinegr for more infos. Thanks.
  8. Frank,Versus u said many times in ur posts that u care about the server etc...etc... But atm server is nearly to the end (i cant even walk cause of the lag,bugs,glitch's), wanna know why ? Cause guys as the owners, u dont give a f...k about the server. About the "we care" big talking crap dont get in my nervs, because if u care for real now u would be online and fix the problem. P.S if u are bored to stay online and make manually the restarts atleast do it auto.
  9. Server: http://l2ex.net/ WTS Hero Char including : Weapons Halisha bow +35 Dusk Sword +30 Dreadbane +30 Giant Trident +30 Plenty forever weapons +30/+0 Armors Dynasty Light set +35 Dusk jewls +30 Golden Mask Dusk Shield Misc 250.000 Golden Coins 700 Vote Coins and many more Payment method : 20 euro via Paypal P.S You can just get the items or keep the char. Also i wont give first i have made many trades here so i can say i'm trustfull, Thank you.
  10. Updated* Server : http://l2.bnb.gr/index.php I want to sell 1000 Donation Coins on L2 BnB for 40 Euros via paypal. I have made plenty trades in the past in this site so i can say i'm trustful. Also i sell all my acc's 4 1 main with premium 70 lvl sorc 1 SE lvl 65 1 spoler lvl 35 1 bot offline shop (including emails) Remember if u make donate 750 Donation Coins it will cost = 50 Euro take a look http://l2.bnb.gr/donation.php P.S I wont give first. Thank you very much.
  11. hmmm lets see what u have done, i hope it will be fun cya in game :P