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  1. Akar0 can u reshare compiler and l2stuff?
  2. Does anybody still have sauron's compiler i shared back in the days? thx
  3. proof this is l2off? On your website it says "JAVA TEST SERVER. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO NCSOFT."
  4. If you look hard enought on the internet you can find some crazy things. i think on one of the links there is even a video how to setup the server. i suggest a pts section for aion ..rofl.
  5.!1523481&cid=8CC93E83D9D29469&authkey=!AFDLQrcnhbRCmXs Here we go.
  6. L2off high five x35
  7. I have advertised on every single l2top. Also i have paid about 500-600$ in advertising banners etc. the only problem is that people like l2j servers more nowdays for some reason i dont understand... i saw one guy the other day saying... oh... why i cant have 40+ buffs slots and then left basicly for no reason. And I'm 27. so.. no you have not played this game for longer than i lived. and i have more time on this forum than you aswell.
  8. Mate do you want 1000 players in 1 day? the server is young. and its here to stay.
  9. Stop Posting if you dont know what you are talking about please. Thank you.
  10. Go play servers where you play agains people in +25 then. Our shop has only +0 items and top weapons dont even have augment. You can craft moirai and vorpal is not in donate shop anymore also its droppable at raid. also people started doing raids. if you dont give a chance to a server that dont mean is lame.
  11. lets compare the files and see :) at this moment is uncertain
  12. We know but that does not mean it should be free. its the man's work.