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  1. Ty for the share you are awesome as ever. i am sure you played around with these files for a while now. could you give us a hint what you have found wrong with them? i have no means to test them at the moment but i am curious.
  2. maybe eressea could help us on this send her a pm.
  3. Did u try ? i wish i could help u more now but i dont have a proper computer or server atm to test this pack also but i will buy one soon enought 🙂 and i will try to help too as much as i can L2 Script Maker
  4. Could we pin this post and the high five one so everyone would work together to make these 2 packs atleast somewhat decent enought? if thats not too much to ask for. thanks
  5. Thats something we can all work on to make this pack complete
  6. Thanks for the edit I was not sure wich one is the real author since its been shared before by others under a huge posts hide i guess its thanks to gigatoni we have this here.. but my toughts are since some of you have more access to certain forums than me why not share the asima.ws glory days files shared a while ago?
  7. This has been shared on other rusian forums and ragezone so it will come here eventually aniway so here it is. Enjoy [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Credits: nexten
  8. Thanks for the share! https://mmo-dev.info/threads/europts-glory-days-by-nexten.20470/ anyone have access to this?
  9. Akar0 can u reshare compiler and l2stuff?
  10. Does anybody still have sauron's compiler i shared back in the days? thx
  11. proof this is l2off? On your website it says "JAVA TEST SERVER. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO NCSOFT."
  12. If you look hard enought on the internet you can find some crazy things. i think on one of the links there is even a video how to setup the server. i suggest a pts section for aion ..rofl.
  13. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10TJDNUQeed7VOVMp45F0TnJaYQU19LrG https://onedrive.live.com/?id=8CC93E83D9D29469!1523481&cid=8CC93E83D9D29469&authkey=!AFDLQrcnhbRCmXs Here we go.
  14. http://www.l2acme.com/ L2off high five x35
  15. I have advertised on every single l2top. Also i have paid about 500-600$ in advertising banners etc. the only problem is that people like l2j servers more nowdays for some reason i dont understand... i saw one guy the other day saying... oh... why i cant have 40+ buffs slots and then left basicly for no reason. And I'm 27. so.. no you have not played this game for longer than i lived. and i have more time on this forum than you aswell.