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  1. GM Commands: L2OFF H5 //abnormal_change //acquire_pledge_skill //acquire_sub_pledge_skill //action //actorcount //add_gamepoint //add_pccafe_point //add_peti_chat //add_pledge_namevalue //add_residence_skill //addcomment //agathion_daily_skill_reset //agit_next_cost_date //agitdeco //agitdecolist //allgm //announce //announce2 //areaname //aship //ask_now //ask_residence //attack //attack_me //attack_me1 //attack_test1 //attack_test1_sec //attack_test2 //attack_test2_sec //auction_close //auction_open //bbsinfo //bk //blockupset //blockuser //bookmark //boss_record_round_info //bot_bl
  2. L2Server H5 decompilation process not total, only to facilitate the creation of extensions. Define all C-Style / Unicode string in .rdata section: OK Rename all functions according to the guard system: Next step 2641/10653 Create the entire structure of structures as specified in the .data section. Create all VTables. Create as many Enums as possible. Set types to all functions. Find the sizes of each structure and insert each one its size as _BYTE [xxxx]; Start manual decompilation in pseudocode. Organize variables within each struc
  3. I would share with you, but since you liked @Mechas when he attacked me for free, you should ask him .. he is very layered haha
  4. Sell smoke? jajaj ok ok, Good luck, do it yourselves :), surely what you are going to contribute will serve you more..... Bye Bye...
  5. Today I will begin to make an IDA database and publish it, so that it is easier to do things.
  6. I think that from C4 and > you should no longer share files. People will use them to make money thanks to your work. Can you imagine rat children, raising perfect servers without knowing anything? It would end the life of Lineage2
  7. I could do it for 20usd. Regards.
  8. I never used L2Patch. First try to open the extension dll with IDA Pro and look for the strings, if the file is packed, you should load the server and dump the dll and then load it into IDA and see the strings You can dump from https://x64dbg.com with the Scylla plugin this will serve to find hidden configuration variables. If you want to modify the extension and the dll file is packed, you will have to unpack it or create a loader that modifies bytes at startup or injects a new dll. PD: It is not an easy task, if you have never done it.
  9. Did you use the PCH generator? As long as you modify some of these parameters, you must generate the pch file again https://www.mediafire.com/file/fwmxuwf3o31fog0/PchMaker.rar/file
  10. I am creating a new IDA Base, if anyone is interested in this here it is Here I share the L2Server C4 Class Tree Soon I will publish sizes of each structure. "->" = Public Class Class AddBlock -> CHtmlCommand -> MemoryObject Class ArchiveMail -> CHtmlCommand -> MemoryObject Class ArchiveMailHtmlBuilder -> CHtmlBuilder Class AtomicAddSSQMember -> AtomicJob -> MemoryObject Class AtomicAddSSQPoint -> AtomicJob -> MemoryObject Class AtomicAddTimeAttackFee -> AtomicJob -> MemoryObject Class
  11. yes, you can use a server on each windows user
  12. You talked about NCSoft ... NCSoft also made GF... Those who know more here or so claim to be, try not to continue confusing those who do not know. Thank you.
  13. Exelent... The great collaborators geniuses of the community hahaha as easy as doing this ... L2Server_GF.EXE OffsetMutex=0xB70728 Mutex=_L2SERVER_EXE_ OffsetGlobal=0xB73AC8 Global=Global\CONSOLE_LOG_L2SERVER L2Npc_GF.EXE OffsetMutex=0x665138 Mutex=_L2NPC_EXE_ OffsetGlobal=0x665D40 Global=Global\CONSOLE_LOG_L2NPC CacheD_GF.EXE OffsetRegEdit=0x5F9F20 RegEdit=Software\PROJECT_L2\L2CACHED OffsetMutex=0x5FADB8 Mutex=_L2CACHE_EXE_ OffsetGlobal=0x60E048 Global=Global\CONSOLE_LOG_CACHED Christmas gift for those who believ