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  1. Luckily, this has already started to happen! This means that in a few months they will be filtered for free! Greetings PS: They always did things right hehe
  2. Hello, tell me if it's true that you have them and how you can prove it.
  3. If you keep using the same hardware as before. I might think there's a problem with that. otherwise, I would install for example "NetLimiter Pro" and look at that time which application or what is consuming that bandwidth. PD:If you have passed files from one server to another, maybe you have a virus that is using your server as part of a botnet to attack.
  4. What is the DownVote option for? if you are not going to allow me to use it... for that eliminate the option and already... I don't think I'm doing anything against the rules. If you give the option to use DownVote, I don't understand what the problem is... or did you fall in love with MasterToma? with all due respect...
  5. Hello, if I don't like what this person brings, why can't I vote? If I can't vote, what's the option to vote for?
  6. I found it more comfortable to do it in php, since the server is the only thing I had installed... I had no vs and no python.
  7. No, of course depmax64 did fred, I did another fred with depmax. same as l2patch works view:
  8. 1- which is 10% I don't understand... it's 100% functional. 2- not share, not sell, just commented.
  9. with this script you can remove drop groups from all mobs in npcdata. maybe someone will use it. <?php $contenido =""; $file = fopen("npcdata.txt", "r") or exit("Error!"); while(!feof($file)) { $modificado=false; $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo = "additional_make_multi_list={"; $linea = fgets($file); $partes = explode(' ', $linea); $additional_make_multi_list = $partes[60]; $additional_make_multi_list = str_replace("additional_make_multi_list=", "", $additional_make_multi_list); $additional_make_multi_list = str_replace("{", "", $additional_make_multi_list); $additional_make_multi_list = str_replace("}", "", $additional_make_multi_list); $additional_make_multi_list = str_replace("[", "x[", $additional_make_multi_list); $additional_make_multi_list = str_replace("]", "]x", $additional_make_multi_list); $partes_drop = explode(';', $additional_make_multi_list); for($z = 0; $z < count($partes_drop); ++$z) { if (strpos($partes_drop[$z], '[') !== false) { $item_name=$partes_drop[$z]; $drop_min=$partes_drop[$z+1]; $drop_max=$partes_drop[$z+2]; $drop_chance=$partes_drop[$z+3]; $arreglo= "{{{".$item_name.";".$drop_min.";".$drop_max.";".$drop_chance."}};100};"; $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo .= $arreglo; $modificado=true; } } $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo = str_replace("x[", "[", $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo); $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo = str_replace("]x", "]", $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo); $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo = substr ($additional_make_multi_list_nuevo, 0, strlen($additional_make_multi_list_nuevo) - 1); $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo .= "}"; if ($modificado) $partes[60] = $additional_make_multi_list_nuevo; for($i = 0; $i < count($partes); ++$i) { $contenido .= $partes[$i]; if ((count($partes)-1)!=$i && count($partes)>5) $contenido .= " "; } } fclose($file); $fch= fopen("npcdata_Nuevo_Ansi.txt", "w"); fwrite($fch, $contenido); fclose($fch); ?>
  10. I lived them all, you have no idea where I live thanks to the l2 haha and you that you achieved? two whole families live from this 12 years ago and ..... you achieved something with the people who say, you're an imbecile
  11. I use depmax64 + my extension ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmSStvejKCk
  12. You've already discredited other people's things. Stay with l2patch then hehe
  13. finally someone who thought!!!! Congratulations! Did you see that it wasn't so difficult? But here they want everything served these! :) PD: I always get a negative reputation. So this was the last time I shared anything with you. :D
  14. jaja no me hagas reir, sos de esos pibitos que viven levantando server para ganar dos mangos.. jamas van a hacer la plata que hicimos nosotros, estan a años luz y sabes porque? porque no sabes absolutamente nada. lo unico que sabes hacer es descargar archivos dar dobleclick y creertela de que levantaste un server jajaja. y asi son todos aca. yo me rio hace muchos años de ustedes que van de aca para alla llevando y trayendo gente ... y yo que? yo no hago absolutamente nada. sigo viviendo de esto sin ni siquiera loguear a los server. en cambio ustedes sigen levantando y tirando server todos los viernes a ver si tienen suerte jajaja chau taradito. segui practicando