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  1. decipher l2off.com.ar and publish it here, because you want to show your intelligence... you will gain people's trust if you do ;)
  2. The times I shared something you always criticized him, so don't expect anything from me. I only gave you the help that if it can be done, don't expect to receive all the facts... Now you know what can be done. Try to make it work... they want to build a server to make money and they don't want to do anything for themselves... they're all crazy.
  3. 200dollar = Modified FileEdit (l2encdec). indecipherable file system
  4. Why do you say it doesn't exist? test decrypt l2off.com.ar if you don't know how to do it, don't say it doesn't exist.
  5. I haven't used java in 2 years. If you want to start a good project, haven't you thought about extending L2Classic in L2OFF GF? It would be very interesting, I tell you just to keep in mind.
  6. If you want I can help, but only if it is a public project ... I do not want to have problems like it was with mastertoma.
  7. some extend can bring problems if you put the name of the multisell with space, the space is recommended to use _
  8. I really do not understand what the problem is ... If in my country there is no education, then why do you ask an Argentinian to help with this so easily?
  9. I already help you. I told them that YES, it can be done.
  10. Here in the forum they will only teach you how to make textures or things that are useless ... People who bring important things do not want them here. I can only tell you if you can. I have running several servers on the same hardware without virtualizing ...
  11. de que cosas a medias hablas?... se nota que sos un nenito que descarga giladas para tratar de hacer un server... aporte sources originales de l2auth cached logd C1... A eso llamas a medias? seguro sos uno de esos pibitos que dan doble click y levantan un server, le comen la plata a la gente durante un mes y lo cierran... salufos gil. si estas a años luz de poder utilizar estas cosas, segui descargando giladas o texturar... en si pelotuces... segui que van todos bien encaminados aca en argentina. jaja
  12. Now, what I do not understand is because they get angry ... So upset that I shared a job in which I participated? if I do not participate, because mastertoma shared the files with me? I had never participated here in the forum sharing files ... but I understand because nobody shares anything hehe
  13. because I do not write English ... My language is Spanish ... or do you think that in Argentina we speak in English?