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  1. does anyone know how to fix the no ip? cant get it to work ":(
  2. cool glad to kniow i just want to know how to balance skills of all races
  3. yeah tru that :S same as WARGAY they have all bots now
  4. the thing is java wont hold many players maybe 2000? they very unreliable i know they are easy but yeah, tell me what java server been out for years and with 3000 playes + online?
  5. i have found some but they talk words out of they ask and they talk to you like if you dont know shit like one of them told me yeah we can give you hibrid files am like what are hibrid ? they are java para everything with off files ??? wtf that will never work
  6. yeAh i realise :S got files and the packs necessary to start a c4 server but i need help but no one willing to help unfortunally :(\ i even said i will pay
  7. have tried lots of packs but they are all shit can some one tell me or send me a link of a completed pack please sorry dandi but your files are still missing a lot of staff witch i fix some of them but a lot of staff missing and mixed your system does not work at all i need it to download a clean file change the ips etc and it worked i do not like java they are shit and easy to drop them when live i like l2off pts i cant find where to donwload vangath last update if some one can pleas pm the link please. AND LASTLY CAN A DEV PM ME AND NO THOSE THAT CALL THEMSELVES DEV AND THEY CHARGE 10000 TO DO A PROJECT. IF YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT DON'T PM ME AND ASK FOR MONEY STRAIGHT AWAY BECAUSE IT WONT HAPPEN.
  8. hi everyone me againn XD i was trying to look for files c4 or interlude but lately all c4 files are either full o bugs or have many problems did anyone manage to crack adverxt new extender? i wan good files not rubish and please must be complete :S if anyone can point me in the right direction let me know
  9. has anyone had the chance of cracking the new Advext64? the new interlude with gracia core? with unlimited players?
  11. Hi everyone am looking for some one who can actually help in the build of my server i have installed and done all the bit bit of it i just need some one to help me connect it to the internet so everyone can test the server i have installed No-ip but cant figure it out how to apply no even locally i can play it and all ip's and staff like that are correct. if anyone here is able to help i will appreciate it.
  12. in_getaquireskill procedure on your lin2world thats what i was looking yesterday in the files thats where you change all that staff XD