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  1. What the hell is wrong with you ? To put me a bad reputation because of Hyperfilter ? If you don't like it just move by or post your own shit. @Celestine I don't know if it's correct but i just got a bad reputation from this guy just because of i mentioned "HyperFilter" I don't think that it is the reason to get a bad reputation and go down to -1 I
  2. Today we will release Titanium Gear and other unique stuff for another testing stage! Come and check it!
  3. Dear friends! The time goes by, and many of you have become interested about our project future. And today we want to tell you some our plans for the L2PRIDE development in the area of Lineage 2. Paying attention for the numerous questions and requests from our players, we decided to open the Gracia Final Mixed Pride Style project which you have been looking for a long time. More information about the date and features of the new server will be published this summer. What we can guarantee? Quality and interesting concept of Gracia Final. Unique platform of the server. Guar
  4. Hello! I decided to create an international project with two unique servers. The first is a server with high-quality and medium additions (not Star Wars) Interlude high rates. The second is Gracia Final x3 on the OFF Platform without any extra customs. What is required from a partner? - Desires and patience to the project. - Knowledge in the Lineage 2. - Mutual payment for project expenses - Experience of administering or managing communities. My Offer: - Full implementation of the project. - Service, handling of any