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  1. Any can help me plz? i have 2 connections... i added in database server 2 servers... different WANIP same LANIP same port... But only appear online server 1... It's possible to make it for example if 1 connection is slow or offline?
  2. Hi! good guide, but.. i have a question. how to add this? in first part i create the NpcSpeedLoad.h and copy the content... in 2th part i create the NpcSpeedLoad.h and .cpp and copy the content... but. i have a quiestion about: "invoke CNpcSpeedLoad::Initialize() in dllmain" i added CNpcSpeedLoad::Initialize() in a dllmain.h (in IlExt) but the second part say same invoke CNpcSpeedLoad::Initialize() in dllmain but... in a NPCExt doesn't have a dllmain.h
  3. Hello, any can tell me.. What is difference between lineage gracia final 83 and 87 protocol? And the latest Vanganth GF files which protocol use?
  4. Hello, it's possible adapt the kamael Client to login in a Interlude Vanganth server files? Disabling the (kamael character obviously)
  5. Hello!!! Any have a hAuthD or similar but open source?
  6. Hello there! How can make a custom item like a 5134 Compressed Package but with my custon list of items?
  7. OMFG! i think ... MD5Password 1/0 to enable or disable -_- THANKS YOU!!!
  8. Hello! yes, im using hAuthD ... but i have this problem: in hAuthD.ini i set ... MD5Password = 1 i added the md5password column in user_auth table... when i loggin the root account for example it save the md5 password: root= dc67bad8744357fa7b96bc0cdf059003 But... when i use md5('root') in php for example result root= 63a9f0ea7bb98050796b649e85481845 and using the php script made by hAuthD: <?php function hCrypt($password) { $md5password = 'key'; $s = md5($password) . md5($md5password); $j = 0; for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($s); $i++) { if ($j >= strlen($md5password)) $j = 0; $s[$i] = $s[$i] ^ $md5password[$j]; $j++; } return md5($s); } ?> result: root= fd3ce9abc7d425c22152824d8e0b079d This is variable with "KEY" but... in the config files, the KEY isn't configurable. [MSSQL] Server = User = sa Password = testpassword Database = lin2db SlowQuery = 100 [Tables] server = server [Main] ServerPort = 2104 ServerExPort = 2106 BlowfishKey = 6B60CB5B82CE90B1CC2B6C556C6C6C6C ;For C4: BlowfishKey = 5F3B352E5D39342D33313D3D2D257854215E5B2400 Title = [L2J] IP = Protocol = $103 FixedPorts = 1 [Log] Auth = 1 Guard = 1 All = 0 DB = 0 [Online] Multiplier = 1,0 UserCount = 5 Interval = 30 [Admin] Password = admin IP = * [Adv] EULA = 1 Test = 0 TestServers = C4 = 0 MaxConnectionsPerIP = 3 AntiDOS = 1 AntiBrute = 0 AntiBruteIP = 0 MD5Simple = 0 SHA1 = 0 Proxy = AutoReloadFiles = 0 AutoReloadServers = 0 GameProxyMasterStatus = 1 [Ext] Mask = 0 MD5Password = 1 ExecLogin = 0 Guard = 0 [AntiBrute] Interval = 90 Penalty = 180 MaxAttempts = 5 [AntiBruteIP] Interval = 90 Penalty = 300 MaxAttempts = 10
  9. Hello there! It's possible to change the default encrypt of L2OFF and the (binary) in database.. to a plain md5 for example or other?
  10. Any have a IA.obj DECOMPILER and COMPILER? for latest Vanganth files? i try with l2tooks but it freeze in "processing Mrkeeper"
  11. In the L2Server.exe: Any have idea how to solve it? [.\Path.cpp][554] Invalid offset[0] count[0] Im using a vanganth files
  12. i added 26_14 26_20 and 26_22... from hellbound files but not work... i cant dismount
  13. Im trying to add a Giran Harbord Fly... im add the cliente side files and it work... I can use //ride_wyvern to go to harbord but i can't dismount the wyvern for "alture"... Any know how to resolve it?
  14. Hello there!!! i have some problems... I try to use the precompiled l2server.exe and .dll ... but it asks for a license ... I generate the license with the KeyGenerator but when I enter it, it tells me that it is incorrect. try to generate the dll again .. I guess if I'm not wrong, I opened the project of the folder "L2Ext" ... right click on DllMain.cpp and compile but the ilext.dll is not generated :S And other problem... I run L2Npc.exe ... and it does not open anything ... and in the task manager, it does not appear. For the rest I could run all the other executables. Im using Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 Server x64 on Test Server And Visual Studio 2005 and Windows 10 to program
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