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  1. Just saw this ACP by demort. Looks good enough, moreover as .elfocrash mentioned account has to be in some kind of maintenance in order to make changes through the panel (didnt think of it). If this guy has this issue solved, he is the winner. I didnt really know what to add, thats why I asked for your suggestions. It couldnt be that hard for me to develop a ticket or donation system. Regarding the startup servers, its not their fault. To be honest, I started my server using a compiled rev of L2jEqual (dont really remember the name, correct me if Im wrong) when I was 13. I selected a few spots, created farm zones, added some items to the client and I added my server on HopZone. The first time it got rejected due to downtime, then I found a friend and he hosted my server on his computer. I was lucky enough and I got 50 players/hour online and a top of 150 players online. Had no idea of programming, and after some time I realised that replacing NPC and making changes in-game doesnt really fix the bugs, and thats when I quitted because I couldnt support it anymore without programming. You shouldnt be able to start a server with a pre-compiled pack. Listen mate, in my opinion, it is not that bad to work something for free once in a while. Indeed, it may be time consuming or it doesnt really worth the effort, but if I didnt have anything else to do, I would give it a shot. If you dont mind answering, which API did you use and what language are you using? PHP?
  2. How you mean? I may be mistaken but I was searching in the forums to see if a Control Panel exist and all I found was just a few guys selling their web development services. Didn't notice any open source product at all.
  3. Hi there, so the last time I played L2 was when Gracia 2 was released. I was playing on a server a I have created with some friends (former owner of L2Queen in case anyone knows or remembers). Back then, I was really young and I couldnt do much since I wasnt educated enough and I had no experience with programming at all. I always wanted to build a server on my own so I decided to come back here and see whats up. If I am not mistaken, nowadays Lineage is dead pretty much and other games like League of Legends have all the traffic. I have a really great storyline to base my Lineage server on but at this moment I dont have the time neither to start nor to focus on a project and this is where I need your opinion. Instead of creating a server I decided to create a Control Panel for the Lineage 2 servers and I will release it on the forums here when its done. I am willing to start working on this but at least I would like to know that someone is going to use my product and that I am not releasing it into a dead audience. Things I am thinking to include: Register System (Including Activation) Account Management Character Statistics I would really appreciate it if you posted your opinion and a few suggestions of what would you like to see in the project. Sincerely, George "Y-Less"