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  1. Could always upload somewhere else but Mega has 50GB free storage per account. If you could recommend free storage I could upload it again and rework the post.
  2. I will at some point, got a lot of things going on and such. If your not in a hurry, I'll get to it soon ish.
  3. Helios and Grand Crusade clients uploaded and links posted. Enjoy.
  4. If you can wait a few days Ill pack up and upload the newer clients including Helios.
  5. Honestly I've been out of the L2 Modding sene for a few years now and my memory is a little fuzzy. But you need a decrypted system folder, There are tools available to do it your self or pre made ones ready for download. Both can be found on the forums here somewhere. You're looking for something called l2encdec or L2FileEdit if memory serves. Good Luck
  6. Newer clients don't have a l2.exe, they have a l2.bin. You can rename the .bin to .exe and it works just the same.
  7. My fellow cheaters, I present to you my Lineage 2 Client Collection! I have been collecting clients for many years as far back as C4 and decided to share all the clients I have collected over the years. This post is for all the Lineage 2 client collectors and private server owners out there who (like me) just need to have them. I hope you enjoy these and find a good use for them. These clients are original, unmodified non-patched and non-updated other then of Ertheia & Infinite Odyssey. Note* Please use Firefox or Chrome with the MEGA plugin to download files larger then 1GB. T