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  1. Hello everyone I've been away for some time and lost track with l2j. I am asking if anyone is willing to share or at least let me know which is the most updated pack with retail like or custom features. I am interested on anything from Interlude to present. Thank you.
  2. Yes it's an old npc, but it was updated to latest version of L2jServer. Since L2jServer did a lot of rework, many of custom NPC's out there are not incompatible with the last version of L2jServer. Next release it will be Rin4a's buffer updated to work with latest version of L2jServer H5.
  3. GM Shop for latest H5 - GM Shop updated to work with latest L2jServer Revision.(1/5/2017) Download GM Shop Feel free to report any problems or missing functions. Some items are missing the "<ingredient id", but feel free to change it, at this moment those items are free. I was more concerned to make it work with the latest version of L2jServer H5. Have Fun. Credits: - mathuza: original gmshop (Freya) - 007Florin: updating it to latest version of L2jServer H5 and new functions.
  4. Update with L2jServer BETA 10448 on September 24, 2014 L2jServer BETA 10448 Download Server: 6649 Datapack: 10448
  5. Update with L2jServer BETA 10437 on September 14, 2014 Update on September 14, 2014 L2jServer BETA 10437 Download
  6. New revision update postponed until further notice. When? No idea, nothing changed from August 23 in L2jServer changelog.
  7. Update postponed for tomorrow 29/08/2014, still no update from L2jServer Team. Have Fun.
  8. No major changes since last revision, new revision update postponed for tomorrow. Have fun.
  9. Update with L2jServer BETA 10426 on August 21, 2014 Fixed in this BETA: - BETA: Minor improvements for listeners: Added @Priority annotation that can be used to request EventDispatcher to notify first your script before others so u can prevent some events from being executed. Added new Containers class that contains global containers for npcs, monsters, players. Changed CharacterSelected event to to support terminate return so u can prevent player from entering the game (Custom ban system?) Reviewed by: Nos - BETA: Improved Hero#computeNewHeroes(..): Using heroes object ID instead of nam
  10. No major changes since last revision, new revision update postponed for tomorrow. Have fun.