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  1. Hello, a bit late i know but i had the same problem as above, finally managed to find a solution. You have to change Windows Region to: English (United Kingdom). This worked perfectly for me.
  2. You mention 64Bit bus, i failed to see. The 630GT with 64Bit is using the newer Kepler architecture but with gddr3 memory and the other two models they're probably Fermi architecture (older). imo both are equals down the line pick what suits you more. More Info.
  3. 630gt should perform better than your current vga though I would pick the one with GDDR5 memory.
  4. κατεβασε τα τελευταια drivers για NVIDIA και βλεπε εδω
  5. uh.. What about power supply do you already have one ? Also you can save about ~20€ by buying the FX6300 (this 400Mhz bump isnt big deal plus 6300 run more cooler 95W while 6350 on 125W) and with a few more € you can buy ssd. In real world performance (depends on game, CPU bound or not) there's almost no difference vs a i5. Dunno if you considering buying Intel because of some benchmarking numbers, i suggest you the i5 3470 +comes also come with IGP (Intel Graphics o.O) built in.
  6. Radeon HD7790 is close to ~130euro but in plaisio is kinda overpriced (150euro) also with the purchase of 7790 you get one free game (deus ex, far cry 3, dirt 3 etc..) BTW why you want to spent money n' buy this aftermarket cooler ? I mean fx 8350 comes with this as stock cooler dunno you may win -7~3°C.
  7. Depending on what are you planning to do with your computer... If you're doing recording,rendering and streaming then you should go with something like AMD FX 8350 or AMD Phenom II X6 Black 1100T. Nowadays games wont use more than 4 cores (well maybe some mmo games would because they're heavy CPU intensive). People on the internet saying that next-gen consoles (x86 platform) will use up to 8 cores on next-gen games, meh you never know... Will be perfect if you could give us your budget (<money you planning to spend). Anyway here's my suggestions. High budget: CPU: Intel Core i5 3570
  8. Okay.. there's two ways to determinate what graphic unit you're using. 1) Download GPU-Z, will display the current graphic unit you're using 2) Disable integrated graphics via Device Manager on windows, right click n' disable Intel Graphics Family or w/e (p.s. i don't own the picture i just found it on Google to give you a example).
  9. Speccy or GPU-Z both will display your graphic card n' further information. BTW by disabling integrated graphics (hd 4000) the system will automatically change to graphic card, are you sure your laptop have graphic card apart from integrated graphics ?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/minecraftinstall/app_208195102528120
  11. Its all about buffing.. i had 1empo and 8,2k m.atk my dmg was around 600/700. (sps)...anyway i quitted, the reasons will be visible soon. :/
  12. @Lelouch, just to know.. yes i took the borders from there, and some div classes.. so on.. i guess proper credits goes to 'DRASIUS', no need to be mad...