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  1. Website : LINK (CLICK) YouTube : LINK (CLICK) Facebook : LINK (CLICK) Discord : GameBoostCEO#1583
  2. My main is diamond 1 right now. I am available right now for duo Q boosting EUNE . I am starting a gold v account . So if you are silver/gold/platinum you can pm me! :)
  3. Giving out 2 free vouches Contact me via private message or skype : dannys19931 Payment methods : Paypal Regions available : NA,EUW,EUNE,RUS I can ensure : No chat messages or showing any strange behavior, which is going to attract the attention and lead to the suspension of your account. Using VPN(s) in order to keep safe your account during our boosting activity. Fast support 24/7 via skype.
  4. I added you, please accept me ! giatrooos my name skype , got some paysafecards for exchange!
  5. Se parakalw, gia ta pragmata pou exw vrei, gia tin karta grafikwn kai ton epe3ergastei pou m protineis , se parakalw vres m mia f8ini motherboard pou na mpainoun panw gurw sto 100stariko
  6. euxaristw gia tin apopsi sou...! i karta grafikwn einai enta3ei ? gia streaming?
  7. ti ennoeis me to overkill , oti einai parapanw apoti apaiteitai? `i ligotero . otan les gia i5 , proteine kapoion opws kai gia ram
  8. 8a i8ela na checkarete ta kommatia pou prokeitai na agorasw , na mou peite tin gnwmi sas, to 8elw apokleistika gia streaming kai mporw na afierwsw ews 650 me 700 eurw. GPU : http://www.skroutz.gr/s/6459833/MSI-GeForce-GTX960-4GB-Gaming-GTX-960-GAMING-4G.html CPU : http://www.skroutz.gr/s/4857210/Intel-Core-i7-4790-Box.html SSD : http://www.skroutz.gr/s/7356755/Patriot-Blast-120GB.html RAM : http://www.skroutz.gr/s/8112031/TeamGroup-Elite-Plus-16GB-DDR4-2400MHz-TPKD416G2400HC16DC01.html Trofodotiko : http://www.skroutz.gr/s/6371809/MS-Tech-Value-Series-950W-Rev-B.html 8a i8ela na
  9. Γινε λιγο πιο συγκεκριμενος. Αναληψη χρηματων απο youtube εννοεις;
  10. Welcome to Dom1nant's Currency Exchange Service - Online for almost the whole day, all of the mentioned currencies are currently in stock and rates are discussed via PMs. - Use this online calculator when getting the discussed rate to help you more. Terms of Service (T.O.S): 1.I will not go first under any circumstances. 2.I don't accept payments from Paypal/Skrill accounts that are registered under unreal names. 3. I am not dealing with newly registered members in reversible currencies (PP) 4. You will have to prove that you own the card when sending Credit/Debit Cards payments.
  11. Sounds good yeah

  12. Kalispera, eixa ena 8emataki to prwi. deite sta agglika , 8a katalavete apo to report. Anoi3a dispute, me eklepse enas tupos 50 eurw. 5/30/2015 02:15 PDT I have everything written on skype. He claimed that he is going to sell me an account on League of Legends. After exactly our transaction he deleted me from skype. 5/30/2015 02:24 PDT The name of this guy on ebay is jouk.8kemg0lcn . So , i contacted him because I would like to buy his account (he were selling it on ebay as well.) I am going to provide you some details on the screenshots that are approving that he scammed me.