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  1. its called rat! search for it there are free rats
  2. hello , i've found an old guide to bypass l2phx protection by using proxifier and virtual machine , the guide is from coderx forum and its old & the photos from the guide are removed ,is there anyone who can do something about it? because i've stuck i dont know some settings please if someone knows give us a help its the best way to bypass protection
  3. parigila s5 kineziko aksias 165 ke tostila me dhl ke plirosa 110 euros sto telonio,GIAFTO CHINA MAIL FTW :D
  4. hey guys im developing a multiplayer medieval pc game,and i need some people around 10 - 15 for testing and finding bugs so if someone is interested please leave a reply the game is called 2 vilages :
  5. hey guys i want to ask something is it possible to run l2 server with web service? is it possible or it would have much lag? and is it very difficult to implement (change) by server application to web service? im in like most of it like(database interaction)
  6. ego pos tha katalabo ama ekana katathesi me fakelo i xoris? apla ipa ston ipalilo thelo na valo kapia lefta ston loogariasmo mou ke afto dn ksrw tora ama ine me fakelo i xoris
  7. re mages piga simera sto tamio ke evala kapia lefta sto logariasmo mou, thelo na agoraso ena kinito kai girisa spiti ke ipa ton aderfo m mporw na ta xrisimopoiiso kateftian ? ke m leei ama ta ekanes me fakelo oxi? ti simeni afto ti enoei me fakelo? ton rotisa alla dn kseri oute aftos ke pos tha katalavo egw ama ta evala me fakelo?
  8. i made a research and found out that GDDR5 are good
  9. i have this graphics card geforce 7900 gs http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce_7900.html it has very low memory 256 mb memory interface is 256bit memory 700MHz core 450 MHz and i want to buy a new (cheap one) and i dont know if it going to be better or not at all can u help me? i want to buy this : GT 630 Geforce memory : 2GB memory interface : 64bit memory : 700MHz core :1000MHz so its very low its 64bit is it bad braphics card? is it gonna make any difference?
  10. The best thing to learn is to try different nubers that exist and test them and write them down on a txt file
  11. It would be good for mxc to have a good client developing helper
  12. The shader is the material of the 3d model that has the textures in it and it is switched to transperant when you use the hide. the shader can be edited in unreal engine