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  1. Ωραια. Ευχαριστω πολυ και παλι!
  2. Ωραια! ευχαριστω πολυ! Υπαρχουν καποια bugs που υπαρχουν fix και ειναι γνωστα?
  3. Καλησπερα! Ειμαι σχετικα καινουριος Developer. Θελω να φτιαξω εναν Interlude server retail αλλα θελω να προσθεσω και δικα μου custom. Εχω βρει καποια πραγματα μεσα στο Forum ομως δεν ξερω ποιο source να διαλεξω και να δουλεψω πανω σε αυτο. Επισης αν γινεται θα ηθελα και ενα link για να μπορεσω να βρω το source ωστε να μπορεσω να ξεκινησω γιατι μεχρι τωρα εχω βρει μοναχα compiled packs. Ευχαριστω!
  4. can you show me in photos how to do that because i dont understand. :/ can you show me too how i can do that? it may be usefull. :)
  5. Is there a way to make a skill animation loop? In order to do 2 times an animation for 1 skill? For example when i want to cast triple slash in one cast character will do the same animation 2 times. Or i need to "program" it from pack? -Gracia Final
  6. I know. i had an error when i tried to export the icons with umodel but i found my mistake. I didnt see that. Im blind. Thank you all. :) lock it. :)
  7. im talking about MEGAsync. :P i need to install it first in order to download? i dont know but when i hit the download button i got an MEGAsyncSetup.exe. I have never download from there before so i'm a bit cautious...
  8. sorry i forgot to write what client i am working on. There's nothing in skillgrp so i can understand which effect is using. These are my first 2 lines in skillgrp.
  9. there's a setup in it... it may be risky...
  10. How can i find which effect is using each skill? Gracia Final
  11. if i do that i can't take the icons i want...
  12. How can i open Icon.utx. I'm trying to decrypt it to 121 and open it with UTPT but i cannot save any texture as tga or see textures in it. I can't open it with Unreal too
  13. there's no column in character template for mp reg and there's no xml file for char stats.i checked them both. So i will try to add it on passive skill and i please the gods to work fine. Is there a guide for the orders(0x20,0x40 etc.) because there's no guide to fully explain how orders exactly work... :/
  14. Easy to say hard to do it as a beginner. Can you give me more information so i can do what i want? As an alterbative, if make a passive skill which give more mp regen and put that skill in all classes will be the same?
  15. How can i change the default mp regen? (not from items) l2j