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  1. Hello everyone, im developing a l2 aCis server and i need little help with the monster skill that are found after clicking on the monster target. I want to delete these skills visually from the monsters target. I deleted them from npc xml but they are not deleted from the target. Any ideas? https://ibb.co/xgwCZWK
  2. Hello, i want to download the kamikaze weapons but cant download. If anyone have please send me in email xristoeli1994@abv.bg
  3. Hello everyone. I search much time Kamikaze weapons - Blade of Fury Bow of Madness Claws of Nightmare Dual Blades of Wrath Mace of Defiance Netherworld Dual Kamas Scythe of Chaos Shard of Abyss Soul Splitter Oblivion Crusher Orchid Malevolence If anyone have or remember visual please help me. Can contact with me in email: xristoeli1994@abv.bg