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  1. ah, but why you got offended by this topic if you are not owner of l2scripts?
  2. protection similar to smartguard, worthy or not doesn't matter. If you are dreaming creating something big into the l2 industry even in 2020, avoid going with scripts because in case you make it out your server will be hacked when you will be on rest mode. i wouldn't suggest even trying it out, you can get smartguard which is pretty much the same, at the same price and sleep well at nights after your hard work. If you wanna block completely paid adrenaline, then you cannot block it with any kind of those bot protectors. You can only find alternatives through game core development and holding up 24/7 petitions system to get the reports. Also paying to the adrenaline to not allow bots in your server is not worthy too, adrenaline developer is a scum almost the same size like l2scripts developer.
  3. hi, what happens if someone buys your files and creates a server with very large community? is there any way someone pays you to inject his server with your backdoors?
  4. L2Tales Reborn Client: High Five Rates: x15 Launch: Friday 28 February, 2020 [20:00 CET] Website:
  5. L2Tales Interlude x15 Download the files and play now! There has been a huge fight between clans over Doom Blade Tanatos who was eventually defeated on L2Tales. After a long journey to the top of the Monastery of Silence, finally Master Anais was defeated on L2Tales Interlude x15!
  6. L2Tales Interlude x15 launched yesterday with a great success and a huge online number of players. Join our forums and download the system files :
  7. L2Tales Interlude x15 has been online with more than 1500 online players but it is expected to reach more than 2000 players tomorrow! Join our forums and download the system files :
  8. The big moment came! L2Tales Interlude x15 is now online! Visit our forums for more information - Download #1 - Download #2 - Download #3 - Download #4 -
  9. comes back as Interlude x15! Grand Opening Tomorrow at 21:00 GMT+2 Features: How to connect:
  10. L2Tales Interlude x15 server is going live this Saturday, 30th of March 21:00. [GMT+2] Full server features & details : Live server game files :
  11. L2Tales Open Beta Test will begin in 1 hour! Beta System has been uploaded on our website. You can download the system from the following link
  12. - The Comeback on March 30th 2019! BETA Test - 24 March 2019! Chronicle: Interlude Rates: x15 (Dynamic Rates for Drop & Spoil) - All skills are autolearn - Mana Potions available in General Merchant Shop - Class Master located in every town & village - NPC Buffer with all important Buff - General Merchant Shop till B-GRADE - 10 days Olympiad Period ... Site: Features & Rates: Facebook: Bringing back Innovation and majesty of the game we loved!
  13. Official launch at the end of March! Main page Facebook page Youtube channel 15x EXP by Monsters/Raid Bosses 12x SP by Monsters/Raid Bosses 7x Adena 1x World Bosses drop 3x Seal Stone drop 2x Weight Limit 1.5x Academy Rep. Points 1-73 Level Monsters Drop & Spoil: → 5x for Equipment & Materials → 6x for Scrolls of enchantment → 3x for Recipes → 3x for Keymats 74+ Level Monsters Drop & Spoil: → 3x for Equipment & Materials → 4x for Scrolls of enchantment → 2x for Recipes → 2x for Keymats 1-73 Level Raid Bosses Drop: → 4x for Equipment → 5x for Scrolls of enchantment → 1x for Keymats 74+ Level Raid Bosses Drop: → 3x for Equipment → 4x for Scrolls of enchantment → 1x for Keymats Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll Chance: 55% Blessed Scroll Chance: 58% Custom Quest List: ( All quests are not mentioned are 1x ) Multibox - YES, unlimited. Autopickup - NO, manual loot for items from monsters & raid bosses. Auto pickup system only for adena from monsters. Total buff slots 16 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) → Joining a Lv 5 Clan or more provides you with +4 buff slots. All skills are autolearn. Cursed Weapons - from 15th of April. Offline Shops - YES, by using the command .offline after you setup a private store. Subclass - requires the retail quest. Mana Potions - available in General Merchant Shop. → Replenishing 1.000 mana upon click with a 12-second delay. Class Master located in every town & village. → 1st class transfer costs 150k adena. → 2nd class transfer costs 3kk adena. → 3rd class transfer requires the retail quest or 15 Donation Pounds. NPC Buffer Information: → PP/SE/EE buffs up to 78lv. (excluding all kind of attributes resists) → BD/SWS buffs up to 78lv. (excluding all kind of attributes resists) → Summon buffs are not available in NPC Buffer. → All buffs duration 1h. → Buffs free until 40lvl., after costs 5k adena each. → Heal CP/HP service. General Merchant Shop: → Includes top NO Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x2 than their selling worth price) → Includes top D-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x2.5 than their selling worth price) → Includes low/top C-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x4 than their selling worth price) → Includes low/top B-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x8 than their selling worth price) → Includes soulshots, spiritshots & blessed spiritshots up to B-Grade. → Includes a variety of consumables. Seven Signs - from Monday, 1st of April 2019. → Blacksmith of Mammon & Merchant of Mammon available in the cities of Giran & Aden. → Players may exchange Seal Stones to Ancient Adena only during seal validation period. → Curse of Destruction, from the Preacher of Doom working retail like, so beware in which cabal you will choose to register. Castle Sieges - first sieges on 13th & 14th of April 2019. → Gludio Castle, Saturday 18:00 GMT+2. → Innadril Castle, every Saturday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Giran Castle, every Saturday, 21:00 GMT+2. → Dion Castle, every Sunday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Oren Castle, every Sunday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Rune Castle, every Sunday, 21:00 GMT+2. → Schuttgart Castle every Monday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Goddard Castle, every Monday, 22:00 GMT+2. → Aden Castle, every Wednesday 22:00 GMT+2. Olympiad: → 10 days olympiad period - starting from 21st of April 2019. → Heroes will appear every 1st, 11th and 21st of each month. → Olympiad operates every day from 19:00 until 01:00 GMT+2. → Participants can register only 1x character per HWID into the olympiad games. → Mages receive: Acumen lv. 3, Empower lv. 2 & Wind Walk lv. 2 before the game starts. → Fighters receive: Haste lv. 1, Might lv. 1 & Wind Walk lv. 2 before the game starts. → Participants are fully healed only when they enter the stadium and not before the game begins. → Entering the stadium all cubics, pets or summons are erased, except Soultaker's. Auction House in Community board available only for Equipment & Scrolls. Shift & Click on the monster or raid boss shows its droplist & chances. All Giants Codex, Enchant Scrolls & Life Stones are stackable. Trade C hat (+) has global range and works with 5 seconds delay accessible only by Premium Account service owners. In a Command Channel, only the CC leader has the looting rights of an Epic Boss. Overlord buffs do NOT affect alliance members. Overlord buffs effect party members as well. Skill "Restore Life" cannot be used in World Bosses but it can be used in normal Raid Bosses. Event Festival Adena Collector: → Festival Adena dropping only from specific monsters in Varka & Ketra hunting regions. → Grand Seers, Elite Soldiers, Head Shamans, Head Magus'es, Prophets & Commanders have higher chance & drop count for Festival Adena than ordinary monsters. → Festival Adena can be exchanged in Exclusive Shop for various items such as Recipes A & Keymats, Soul Crystals, Greater Dyes, Quest Items, Scrolls, Life Stones. Clan War System: → When a member from a clan, kills a member from an other clan on a PvP, Clan War is automatically declared to the opposition clan. → When a member from a clan PK's a member from an other clan, Clan War is automatically declared to the opposition clan with a 24h war closure penalty. All the Sub-Class Raid Bosses respa wn is 16-24 hours. Noblesse Raid Boss - Flame of Splendor Barakiel is 12-16 hours. PvP Zones inside Baium's Lair, Valakas Nest & Antharas Nest. Frintezza respawn is 48 - 50 hours. Anth aras respawn is 192 - 194 hours. Valakas respawn is 264 - 266 hours. Queen Ant respawn is 26 - 28 hours. Core respawn is 35 - 36 hours. Orfen respawn is 35 - 36 hours. Zaken respawn is 43 - 45 hours. Baium respawn is 5 days. → Baium spawns on : 5th / 10th / 15th / 20th / 25th / 30th of each month from 21:00 until 24:00 GMT +2. Read Full Information . . .
  14. Server is now FREE to Play without ANY donations for equipment/enchantment/attribution or special items. Protected fully against bots with custom L2Tales Antibot Protection!