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  1. Dear friends, Our team wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy following 2020 new year. Thank you for the year through support and we truly hope you stay safe and sound during holidays season! Thank you for choosing SGuard. Cheers!
  2. The proper description of the thing you sell should be: l2s rev. xxxx which was the base for l2morse. At Least give the right credits to the right people...
  3. Never work prior full advanced payment. (unless you know the person) That's the golden rule in any freelancing. it's almost 2020 and we still have problems of 2011, shame.
  4. Dear friends, We're glad to announce that we offer now PTS services! We are ready to fulfil any order you have in mind and beat any competition price. Contact us today for more information!
  5. Dear friends, Recently I've heard that unknown 'developers' are stepping forward to speak sh*t about sguard behind back. While we do appreciate the feedback, we'd like the people who believe in any sGuard faulty of some kind or any other reason why you would think negatively about our services, please respond publicly and let's have a public talk about it. I do understand many friends of friends and other chain-friend community would recommend inferior services or no-services at all, you're not doing any better for this game or the service quality. Will wait for response.
  6. Dear friends, SGuard now offers a client encryption tool for those who seek basic encryption for their files and work not to be shared around easily. For more information contact us via preferred method of communication. Thank you!
  7. The bottom line is: Nothing good is going to happen if you order a 50$ service in l2, here's why: 1. Developer's side: any decent java developer will valuate his time in atleast 20$ an hour average pay and no service (to not mix with a ready product) will be done in under 2.5 hours, therefore devs are under evaluating their services out of inexperience/need for money/competition and then bite their nails cause they're losing money. ending in service delivered incompleted or in inferior quality. Developers must increase their rates to a reasonable rate in which they can take ALL unexpected situations into matter and complete their work in the most professional way they can. 2. Client side's: Client wants to save money and often doesn't realize that there're bottom limits that price/quality go as same thing in the developer's world, their expectation for 50$ is much more beyond the IRL results. If you want developer to work for the local price, hire a developer from your own country, each country has its own economy, however let's be honest, developers are still getting paid atleast 15$ an hour in weak economy countries, so what do you expect for 50$? Increase your pay to the developer and rest asure he will do his best to make you happy, mainly because he would want you to success, come back and order more service. Best luck.
  8. Dear friends, We've updated our discount policy and added PTS purchase ability through our services. If you have questions, please contact us. We're happy for every new client, we deliver fast, reliable and guaranteed service for our products. We will take care of you and your project! Nobody can compete with sguard when it comes to service & quality!
  9. Our Total Protection VIP branch is getting heights with the current success rate. Protect yourself from BOTS and RMT today! Join SGuard!
  10. Patron's license is all his up until expiration. Our business with the buyer continues as usual. Thank you!
  11. We're not being involved in ANY client physical contact, we have our sguard module distributed to all our clients and its solely the same module everybody gets, if a person decided to buy an interface, addition, anything that requires overrides in those dlls and its conflicting with sguard, this is something that person will have to deal with. Sguard simply cannot dedicate that much time to any custom feature a client got before sguard. this is a standard procedure when an addition is modified and adapted for the security. End of story.
  12. Take any, they're all the same, and most of them are shared.
  13. And that's nobody will do for 30 euro. you best shot is to buy a protection which supports that.
  14. There's no doubt about it, if the person is determined he will bypass anything, its all about discouraging.