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  1. Regardless, clients are much better. Content? suitable for l2. No classic - l2 would go down years ago. Say thanks. on topic: nobody will 'help' creating a classic PTS, this is preposterous, go for java, there're some options that may be suitable for your needs.
  2. Dear friends, SGuard is doing as much as it can to provide the best service possible for its clients. Since last half a year, after our price reform we decided to treat private bots with a 'Total Protection Service' which is monthly paid. We're glad to announce that our clients which are using this type of service were a complete success! We do understand that high monthly payment is tough for some clients, yet, once you understand the power of having a branch which is guaranteed protected from bots, you will be earning & saving money and those 200$/month price is insignificant for the potential benefit of your own income. SGuard brand has to survive, we're dedicated everyday in this business and this is our daily work, we hope more people will strive to support our crystal clear and inexpensive service. Thank you!
  3. You probably don't quite understand, when he says he forces everybody out of the old version that means he's closing it. But goodluck with the schemes to make it working. :)
  4. I wish java could be safely protected and the code to be protected aka vmp3 for example, it would definitely lower the prices for most products and people would enjoy more flexibility. But hey, some people fail a project and throw the files to the world, and don't bother that its not other people fault.
  5. What does it good for? It won't startup + nobody's using smartguard in Brazil nomore.
  6. That's not quite right, there're tons of options that they provide to keep the license flexible as possible for example DNS binds at no extra cost as far as I remember. Beyond that, its done to discourage people to share or resale it, also done to identify leaks etc. because its a java project, there's no way to establish any online license service to regulate server packs licenses like its done with guard project for instance. If a person doesn't want to be attached to those restrictions, he will just pay more. There's a slight difference between paying 300 bucks and assuming rights on the IP and actually buying the IP. Therefore in our section which some people may assume the first, precautions are needed. For some people developing l2 content and selling it is a job that they do daily, therefore its not a rip-off, its business risk management. Hope I could present it from another angle for you in the most adequate way.
  7. There're a lot of limitations in Classic chronicle that so hard to obtain, one of the limitation is the mob stats. There's no prior information to rely on, therefore every server will conduct its own custom balance. In anyway, like was said, a pack without support or further development isn't a pack. Its a project and never going to be a finalized product. No game is bug free.
  8. Hello, we have it, PM in skype for offers.
  9. But Kara, Most people are failing their projects. Trust me I see real l2 statistics of more than 600 servers in 3 years. If you count fails vs success - fails are going to be ALWAYS higher than success. You're from Greece, open up your country start-up statistics, you'll see more companies are getting closed than ones opened. Why? Because most people want to try to get their own business and most of them fail, and it doesn't matter what budget they got or what material, idea etc. Success is measured a lot more than a piece of code.
  10. Point out who's actively and publicly developing & selling Classic java packs? If I'm wrong I'll apologize for misinformation.
  11. I will do whatever I want to do, you don't want to read what I'm saying because I'm right? What's the point of forum communication, this isn't your podium which you can say what you want without getting a response. You go open ur own forum and spill crap on anybody you want. While you're here and you're saying total bullshit, I'll be there to prevent you misinform other people. Shame on you.