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  1. Patron's license is all his up until expiration. Our business with the buyer continues as usual. Thank you!
  2. We're not being involved in ANY client physical contact, we have our sguard module distributed to all our clients and its solely the same module everybody gets, if a person decided to buy an interface, addition, anything that requires overrides in those dlls and its conflicting with sguard, this is something that person will have to deal with. Sguard simply cannot dedicate that much time to any custom feature a client got before sguard. this is a standard procedure when an addition is modified and adapted for the security. End of story.
  3. Take any, they're all the same, and most of them are shared.
  4. And that's nobody will do for 30 euro. you best shot is to buy a protection which supports that.
  5. There's no doubt about it, if the person is determined he will bypass anything, its all about discouraging.
  6. On the other hand, if you don't have vang extender sources then yeh, you're doomed.
  7. DenArt, you don't need a source code for a feature like that.
  8. I doubt anybody will do you a brand new protection its multi thousand project cost. Instead, use what is offered on the market. take care.
  9. I've some options from our partners, if still interested PM.
  10. I didn't say it doesn't exist, I've said it doesn't exist for most budgets, meaning, if you go and buy file encrption for say 200$ except it to last exactly 30 minutes before somebody with knowledge will decrypt it. People who actually need that kind of protection pay x5 of the price. that's it.
  11. There's no such thing for most budgets, 99% of the offers are dumpable. anybody who said otherwise will lie to you (unless you want a separate per type encryption which costs 500$+ per extension).
  12. Dear users, SGuard team proudly presents a new website and a new story for SGuard protection & development. We need no introduction because majority of the users know about us and our capabilities! Started April 2016, we're continuously providing the best service there is to our customers, bringing up new ideas and deploying our work around the globe. We have numerous large clients starting C1 and ending the latest Classic: Seven Signs and countless referrals : Interlude: Interlude.ru, L2Mega.ru, l2mafia HighFive: L2Era, L2Liona. L2Name, L2Destiny, Emerlald L2Classics: L2Zaken, GameCoast, And a lot of smaller servers around the globe. We serve the people around the world and speak their language. We're giving the best technical support and commercial advices. So what exactly we are doing at L2SGuard.com? -Primary: SGuard and Security development, Bot protection and overall server security (Lineage 2 and Other games such aion etc.) -Primary: PTS development (IL, HF, extenders/retail available) -Primary: ACP development (Account Master Panel) -Primary: Launcher Development (premium aka official quality, private development, portable website + direct login in game) -Secondary: Java development (NOT server packs) - Analytic tools, Additions, Systems and Engines. -Secondary: Client side development -> examples: Lobby Collection, Rescale objects, disable macro loop on classic, damage on screen on HF etc. any idea can be done. -Secondary: L2Editors development for higher chronicles - any .dat can be edited EVEN if encrypted. -Secondary: Analytic tools, Ad consultation, server health report and administration. If you have a deadlock and you can't find it - PM us! For more information you may refer to our website. In short words - we can do everything, and if we can't we will guide you for the best next team to fulfill your request! We try our BEST to propose the LOWEST prices on the market, deliver the items bought with 100% quality and on-time. Plans Differences: Both Standard and Total Protection plans are absolutely same with 1 exception of active bot protecting with constant updates and special protective tactics. You will get the SAME module for both versions, nothing is ripped or cut, both options are subject to structural upgrades and features adding. We take extra payments for actual daily work to block bots and make sure your servers are protected from bot activity. We can't continue to maintain free bot protection support with the current pricing, therefore we've lowered the payment to be a monthly payment to let low end servers change to live and save money and high end servers the chance to get unique and individual bot protective services (auto payment will be available soon), both options will serve their purposes. Old customers are not affected. Our prices: Java Standard Plan: * 50$/1 month + our multi year work for less than a meal in a cafe! * 200$ / 1 year + you won't get disconnected if you fill a free extension form! PTS Standard Plan: *200$/1 year Java Total Protection: *From 200$/1 month PTS Total Protection: *Ranging from 200-600$ / 1 month Contact us today and be always a step before everybody else! Skype: live:sguard.soft Telegram: sguard_soft Website: www.L2SGuard.com