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  1. Since our service reviews are limited, I've got no option but to bump it once in a while.
  2. Thank you. These small gestures keep moving us forward!
  3. @Shadowfall Hello, 1. yes we do, free of charge. instructions provided. 2. yes you may find that information by either contacting me ahead of time, or visiting our website. If you have any questions, please, contact me in skype or telegram. Thank you!
  4. Fantastic seller, Verified and trusted. Do not hesitate to contact and purchase his work. Friendly and honest. We recommend.
  5. Dear customers and friends of Sguard. We wish you a happy new year! Our services continues the journey into 2021, and despite local and global issues, we're able to continue giving the best and outstanding service we can. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Our responsibility as a part of this community to help you in all situations possible. Don't hesitate to contact us with any regards. We hope 2021 will bring more stable and certain times. Stay safe! -Sguard
  6. his geo engine is crap if he has issues with oly stadium.
  7. We do, there's an option, but you're unlikely to pay for it. Maybe I shouldn't take you seriously?
  8. Only for MaxCheaters users - SGuard annual license price reduced to 180$/1 year. Valid until Dec. 31st. 2020. We wish you a great holiday session!
  9. 1. as a matter of fact unlike many other including yourself we never lie to anybody and are crystal clear about all services we provide. 2. I don't see you doing anything better or talking anything in particular or technical about it. just blah blah blah just another kid on a vacation. We have enough customers we don't need your endorsement or approval. 3. If you had a degree (or a 2 digit number of experience) in the field I'd maybe hear you out. Otherwise, I repeat, if you don't like our approach then don't buy our services. You may go and shop around its a free communi
  10. Nobody is lying to anybody, we got a large client base that either OK with the quality or can pay for additional services. With regards to people who block everything via driver etc. Adrenaline bypasses drivers, he became a bit lazy that is true, however those who claim 'block' them on-the-fly (i.e block access) or 1 window will work, is just showing that they have some sort of agreement. For some that may be enough - for us is a matter of principal that we don't deal with anybody. You may speculate but I can guarantee most of you that you know little to nothing what is
  11. Regardless what you think we do detect all types of software there is. We never claimed to 'block' anything. You misconcept the whole idea of protection. We do detect all pieces of software, paid or private. The issue here is again, that there's much less admins around and much more protection around. Say it was 2010 and lameguard. You bet, I'd offer 50$ a month for a total protection. However this is 2020 and we have just too much protections to keep the rest of admin population 'united'. Therefore its not a business approach to work for nothing when many people still don'
  12. You're in the wrong thread, we don't have any type of deal with anybody. I do understand you prefer believing in conspiracy, but not the case here. We detect adrenaline/helper/spoofer, we do not block them on-the-fly. Well you can open up a server without any guard and I can guarantee that bots will be last thing you'll worry about, solely because you won't open a server. Again, depends what kind of server you have a 50-150 populated server won't bring any attention. but in case you're doing that for commercial purpose, you will be surprised and disappointed in your deci
  13. I'll summarize my answer about what was written here in my absence: 1. Sguard protection is signed via MS certification, so no virus flags. 2. We have close to zero connection issues. 3. Any protection is better than no protection, regardless what you feel about this particular product. Disagree? Open a server > 200 players and you'll see why. 4. Any captchas or other server tricks are easily bypassed. Characters or visuals. (again open up a server with more than 200 players) 5. Active bot fight is hard, therefore any additional service e.g adrenaline or spoo
  14. @Mank1z their point is that you can't brag about something and then back down. Doesn't look credible, that's all.