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  1. Hello from SGuard security and development, We're happy to announce our next big update. This update is mostly backend update which has itself the latest security algorithms, Microsoft certification (no a/v flags), newest VMP3 commercial update and our new launcher status notification window which is required to run our software. You're required to receive the latest DSetup.dll by February 28th 2019 and replace it in your system folder. If you fail to do so, after February 28th 2019 SGuard will stop working for you and will show "Update Protocol" Error. Please make sure you have downloaded the following DLL and replaced it by then. Download Link: http://l2sguard.com/files/DSETUP.dll
  2. No offense Kara, but this is a very wrong perspective, don't mix Extenders with real leaked PTS. While its true that even a real PTS require work, but that work is mostly stability not fixing major bugs flaws caused by thousands of different people who coded any java project that you have. I suggest you look at java history before claiming its better.
  3. p.s. IL isn't a real PTS its just an extender, good as java.
  4. you'd be surprised what PTS is on the market.
  5. Low rates ready pack is NOT: 1. Java 2. x70 3. anything you can buy under 5k$ Have fun :)
  6. Man I guess you have 0 idea how protection is built. That guard.des doesn't have shit in it. Its literaly 1% of all protection work, that's why I'd never care if you said I'm gonna create a new protection and will take ur guard.des as a helpful tool. Go ahead. I'm inviting you in this business so you can feel whats going on and how its done. Regarding sguard, we don't pose any security threat to any of our customers and their players, I'm simply telling it straight - we don't care about what you have to hide on ur PC. Our job is to create a healthy environment with most service we can provide. Do you hear me saying that we're the best? No, probably we aren't the best and I totally agree making a custom protection will work better for any medium server up to 500 online, but people don't have 200$ to spend on an annual license, how do you want them to spend more for a custom one? How do you want them to buy AA which is not bad but still bypassable and for a major price. So atm there's no solid solution on the market. If you're not some pawn of some other party, then speak up your mind clearly. You don't know where that leak came from, as I told many people - its easy to blame us on that, but it wasn't us there're a lot of angry people out there.
  7. Man you're so out of earth. we confirmed years ago that portion of open source was taken to save time. Regarding the trojan, now look, I'll do that in only 1 word. Any protection that use the openURL packet have a theoretical ability to control your pc if you don't limit it properly. (the openURL is a sign that this feature embedded in, and tons tons tons of legit software are using this native and common code). Yet I'm telling you that, because we don't steal any of our client's information and honest about everything we do. Can you do same about you and the people you're trying so hard to defend?
  8. So, first of all, what makes you think its Yuri? You got some sord of magic eye? Guard.des isn't stolen its published, some basic code was taken to save time when it was needed about 3 years ago, since then there's maybe 1% of the code remains. but who cares, its not licensed or TMed, nobody cares. If you're gonna take part of our guard.des for your project - I won't say a thing, go ahead, its 5% of the whole guard work. As for the certificate, another proof that you're a sad sad person that's trying to build your conspiracy theory out of the butt. our protection files consistent of two(2) files. Dsetup.dll and Dsetup.u the l2.exe is retail, we don't change any file out there. You've confused yourself with again, akumu. 3rd of all and might be the most important one, why would you on defence of corrupted akumu? Go ahead and flame him about the mess he created in l2 world, giving bots so much power on his 5/2 deal while lying about 99% of his work. None of my team are responsible for that leak, but hell it was a light on the market situation, and now - l2 is bot dying, be a shame of yourself and your money loving boys. Do your homework better.
  9. We do you get that information lol? How much they pay you for a single false claim? What you're talking now is exactly smartguard work style, having screenshots of people's desktop or having file access by terms of use (just read them). There's a discussion about 'file access' in our thread with that guy (forgot his name, he tried to do a protection awhile ago), and there's an explanation about limitation that we pose regarding file access. You should do ur research better, man. and OMG, how could we get smart's files without having a protection first? Bullshit is in the air. And we don't have any trojan lol, if we do, file a claim in microsoft, since we're certificated with them our code is crystal clean by all standards. Do your homework before posting obvious lies.
  10. xxdem, public send it and I'll prove you wrong.
  11. Actually everything is trash when it comes to binding files. You may find a great code obfuscation but it won't stop anybody to distribute it across the net, but will stop them editing it etc.
  12. Contact me, we design and sell those kind of features.
  13. Dear users, SGuard team proudly presents a new website and a new story for SGuard protection & development. We need no introduction because majority of the users know about us and our capabilities! Started April 2016, we're continuously providing the best service there is to our customers, bringing up new ideas and deploying our work around the globe. We have numerous large clients starting C1 and ending the latest Classic: Seven Signs and countless referrals : Interlude: Interlude.ru, L2Mega.ru, l2mafia HighFive: L2Era, L2Liona. L2Name, L2Destiny, Emerlald L2Classics: L2Zaken, GameCoast, And a lot of smaller servers around the globe. We serve the people around the world and speak their language. We're giving the best technical support and commercial advices. So what exactly we are doing at L2SGuard.com? -Primary: SGuard and Security development, Bot protection and overall server security (Lineage 2 and Other games such aion etc.) -Primary: PTS development (IL, HF, extenders/retail available) -Primary: ACP development (Account Master Panel) -Primary: Launcher Development (premium aka official quality, private development, portable website + direct login in game) -Secondary: Java development (NOT server packs) - Analytic tools, Additions, Systems and Engines. -Secondary: Client side development -> examples: Lobby Collection, Rescale objects, disable macro loop on classic, damage on screen on HF etc. any idea can be done. -Secondary: L2Editors development for higher chronicles - any .dat can be edited EVEN if encrypted. -Secondary: Analytic tools, Ad consultation, server health report and administration. If you have a deadlock and you can't find it - PM us! For more information you may refer to our website. In short words - we can do everything, and if we can't we will guide you for the best next team to fulfill your request! We try our BEST to propose the LOWEST prices on the market, deliver the items bought with 100% quality and on-time. Plans Differences: Both Standard and Total Protection plans are absolutely same with 1 exception of active bot protecting with constant updates and special protective tactics. You will get the SAME module for both versions, nothing is ripped or cut, both options are subject to structural upgrades and features adding. We take extra payments for actual daily work to block bots and make sure your servers are protected from bot activity. We can't continue to maintain free bot protection support with the current pricing, therefore we've lowered the payment to be a monthly payment to let low end servers change to live and save money and high end servers the chance to get unique and individual bot protective services (auto payment will be available soon), both options will serve their purposes. Old customers are not affected. Our prices: Java Standard Plan: * 50$/1 month + our multi year work for less than a meal in a cafe! * 200$ / 1 year + you won't get disconnected if you fill a free extension form! PTS Standard Plan: *200$/1 year Java Total Protection: *From 200$/1 month PTS Total Protection: *Ranging from 200-600$ / 1 month Contact us today and be always a step before everybody else! Skype: live:sguard.soft Telegram: sguard_soft Website: www.L2SGuard.com