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  1. 1. as a matter of fact unlike many other including yourself we never lie to anybody and are crystal clear about all services we provide. 2. I don't see you doing anything better or talking anything in particular or technical about it. just blah blah blah just another kid on a vacation. We have enough customers we don't need your endorsement or approval. 3. If you had a degree (or a 2 digit number of experience) in the field I'd maybe hear you out. Otherwise, I repeat, if you don't like our approach then don't buy our services. You may go and shop around its a free community. There's no need to stop by one of last decent services in l2 and vaguely complain about something you nearly don't understand. p.s. for a "constant liar" who joined this community mid 2018 vs the "fluffy angel" who joined End 2009 I've got more reputation than you do on this forum and we usually don't go out of the Marketplace section. Do you think this community is rigged or something? We're all ears.
  2. Nobody is lying to anybody, we got a large client base that either OK with the quality or can pay for additional services. With regards to people who block everything via driver etc. Adrenaline bypasses drivers, he became a bit lazy that is true, however those who claim 'block' them on-the-fly (i.e block access) or 1 window will work, is just showing that they have some sort of agreement. For some that may be enough - for us is a matter of principal that we don't deal with anybody. You may speculate but I can guarantee most of you that you know little to nothing what is happening behind the scenes. As for trojans and other bull, for god sake, we got a MS certification. Its not funny anymore. We can't be good for everybody, some admins wants stuff for little or no price at all. That is life and people are divided in their opinions and I respect that. You should go to l2oops or l2on or facebook and etc. and argue about their prices, you can't and won't do that and you spend thousands of dollars there however customer acquisition is extremely out of margin. We work for customers with customers. If you don't like our approach then don't buy our services.
  3. Regardless what you think we do detect all types of software there is. We never claimed to 'block' anything. You misconcept the whole idea of protection. We do detect all pieces of software, paid or private. The issue here is again, that there's much less admins around and much more protection around. Say it was 2010 and lameguard. You bet, I'd offer 50$ a month for a total protection. However this is 2020 and we have just too much protections to keep the rest of admin population 'united'. Therefore its not a business approach to work for nothing when many people still don't appreciate your business regardless. Therefore with limited population we found the clients that want a cheap solution with we give (200$/1 year) with basic tools of protection and major servers with kk's of online that need a dedicated service which can cost up thousands of dollars a year (because they earn 50 time more obviously). I don't say our approach is ideal, and many people will be unsatisfied with our pricing and quality for their own purposes. In addition, being our customer is more than a protection, we help people with various of issues, we provide many other services with quality and timing. Yes we charge sometimes a bit more than others, because its work for us, not a hobby and we're not here to work for free and make somebody rich on our backs - you want to success - pay your dues, or find somebody else who will accept your terms. We started this business because others failed to provide adequate protection and pricing for customers. I believe we achieved some parts of our goals, and if you're unsatisfied you may start your better business and pose a competition. Otherwise you may just speculate how obnoxious/easy/inadequate/expensive etc. You will never know unless you actually try.
  4. You're in the wrong thread, we don't have any type of deal with anybody. I do understand you prefer believing in conspiracy, but not the case here. We detect adrenaline/helper/spoofer, we do not block them on-the-fly. Well you can open up a server without any guard and I can guarantee that bots will be last thing you'll worry about, solely because you won't open a server. Again, depends what kind of server you have a 50-150 populated server won't bring any attention. but in case you're doing that for commercial purpose, you will be surprised and disappointed in your decisions.
  5. I'll summarize my answer about what was written here in my absence: 1. Sguard protection is signed via MS certification, so no virus flags. 2. We have close to zero connection issues. 3. Any protection is better than no protection, regardless what you feel about this particular product. Disagree? Open a server > 200 players and you'll see why. 4. Any captchas or other server tricks are easily bypassed. Characters or visuals. (again open up a server with more than 200 players) 5. Active bot fight is hard, therefore any additional service e.g adrenaline or spoofer is an extra service - I've never said or gave false hopes to anybody in public or private that when you pay 200$ a year or 50$ a month you will get adrenaline paid protection or spoofer protection, many customers are totally satisfied with basic protection functions, like hwid and basic bot/clicker/interface protection. As I've been long saying, admins should reconsider how much they want to invest in protection services. We're not antivirus with a million customers and there's no way we'll gain so much audience, ever. L2 is a small type of business. While all clients are spread between 5+ protections. Fees for services are going to stay as they are. However if you want adrenaline/spoofer detection, the prices are crystal clear: 1. Adrenaline/helper(paid versions) - 200$/1 month. 2. Spoofer - 1000$ one time payment. (have to have basic sguard annual). Regarding oxigen, I bet servers like GameCoast and Beyond wouldn't pay for oxygen. Nobody have to work for free, I bet you don't. Take care.
  6. @Mank1z their point is that you can't brag about something and then back down. Doesn't look credible, that's all.
  7. Thats why most guards are MS key certified and bots are not going to be.
  8. We got a special branch for those who are in need to detect Adrenaline and beyond that. And its way cheaper than negotiating with the bot which is never going to be trustworthy. For details contact me.
  9. I've a guy who can do that. Contact me for details.
  10. You're so naive and cheap. It took us 6 month to initially create this protection without anybody backing us up with anything. Do you think we should serve you in a total 360 degrees protection for a 50$? Do we look like ESET, Microsoft or maybe Kaspersky? It will never scale since we're in a limited clientele here, like really limited. If somebody wants something outside the box, he pays. Even the 200$/1 month is compatibly cheap option comparing to anything else outside our small lineage 2 world. Can't protect from bots? only adrenaline and only on the basic branch (like everybody else), can't protect from spoofer? nobody can, but we can, again not on the basic branch, people are paying 5 digits for those services and no they cannot be freely accessible for all, not in that limited public divided community. For instance if all clients decided to invest in 1 protection instead of 5+, clients would forfeit using your favorite free option like whatever guard which is shared/outdated. then, maybe it would scale up to be a low cost shared option. If you think you have done better and might even present a product of your own (I've seen those lousy attempts spamming in this thread just prior releasing your own 'protection'), go ahead, public it, we'll see how good you've done. I will even offer a free non-BS analysis overview for what you've done. When you grow up and see how it is in the real world (not in your pink-pony one) we can have a real discussion. For now you go ahead and use your favorite and most free option - nothing. Now go away from this topic.
  11. I think you misunderstand the solutions that we have. People like you want everything to be accessible for little-or-nothing payment, effort, respect in some cases. Therefore our logo is correctly observes our main cause of existence. Every level of admin i.e entry, moderate, professional, enterprise - selects whatever plan he wants to use. There're several servers who pay thousands of dollars to maintain completely safe and sound against all threats. I'm not saying everybody should pay the same, therefore we have a lot of options, from as little of 50$ to as much as a client wants to. If you think to develop atleast a proto of a protection, please do, and then, when you regain atleast a bit of experience and understand what you're talking about, we'll speak again in a more professional way rather than crying that you can't buy a rocket at a used Honda price. Com'on.
  12. We never guaranteed any Adrenaline paid version protection under our basic protection module and its all and clear both in our website & in private messaging. The above gentlemen think that any active dedicated server protection should cost a penny, thats why they're earning a penny and cannot afford it. More than that, they probably think that the whole protection purpose is to block adrenaline. Unfortunately Adrenaline protection requires a lot of resources and time. Fortunately, most clients understand that and for those whom adrenaline posses any life-threatening situation, invests in a more dedicated private solution. You go use a free solution like you always do and fail your server on other security related subjects which are, btw, sold as low as $16.66/m (200$ a year basic package). If a 200$ a year number is 'high quote' for one, one should cease-and-decease doing any type of business and go to 9-5 work. Go learn either C++ architecture codding & development or some business management to qualify arguing a bulls**t statement like that. I'd like to add, that whole l2 'business' is looking like that, because of the shortage of ability and understanding that this is a business for most, a hobby for some. Some hobbits inclined this business to look like a penny business, so waste 6+ hours to code something for 20 euro, some sell websites for 50 bucks, some sell server packs that they've developed for that or another amount of time for few hundred dollars the most. Clients should understand several things: 1. A quality work should be paid in equivalent amount of money. (regions vary and a guy from India may code much cheaper than a guy from UK, +- same quality excluding GMT difference and cultural differences). 2. Payments should be done as payments via paypal or similar 3rd party observed payment methods to prevent scam. 3. There's quality sufficiency everywhere, one needs latest Samsung S20 another wants just a Motorola. Everything is about your budget and there's a product for every budget, unless you want it ridiculously low priced. Cheers.
  13. Professional. We recommend and will recommend this team.
  14. Actually, The funny thing is that, that person who claims we're interested in an annual protection only, got the 50$/month protection. Unfortunately it didn't go well for him, but rest assure that was no bots problem. I can't disclose anymore information, but, shame on you. Blame the right people for your failures.
  15. While it is true, we don't deal with adrenaline premium in the standard license, which nobody does or can do for that kind of money per day. Our market is limited and narrow, more than that, people use various guards therefore there's no one company that does that kind of protection. Therefore, we offer, VIP branches for those who want active protection for their servers, per month. For many who don't want active bot protection can go for the standard rate. If the guy above thinks a business is charity he can go and develop a protection and spread it for free. Best regards.