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  1. Dear users, We were a bit silent becuase of the work volume. Here are the latest news: 1. We added a full box(window) bind, which currently unbypassable as of our knowledge and tests. 2. We implemented and tested our new HWID system, which we will upgrade in the following days to provide full immunity to hwid change. ATM I won't lie, there're few people, litiraly few, that can still change hardware data. But it will be gone in several days. 3. We added a complete support to C4 chronicles. 4. We extended damage on screen to Interlude branch, added a new version a damage on screen (including the skill icon and more custom way, the official way is also available) 5. We added A radio module (this is a free module), in which you can set a list of radio(any amount of them) and operate it as of controls bellow: CTRL+R = radio on/off CTRL+Left/Right arrows = previous / next stations CTRL+Up/Down arrows = volume up / down by 10% each time (or you can hold it) CTRL+ALT+Up/Down = volume up / down by 1% 6. As of adrenalin, unfortunately there were news in which rolled us back with the process to make him less effective on our servers, but, the good news the better and more solid solution is on the way and should be tested on live on next week. I understand the frustration, but yet, adrenaline is a powerful and highly financed tool which is on the market for many many years but we're doing our best to secure new and upcomming servers for the time they need to make the initial funds, everyday. We're continue to giving the best service available to our customers, and we hit record high online numbers this months. We will continue to strive and give you the best server YOU DESERVE! Join us
  2. Hello, and who're you exactly? I know every EU client specifically. judging from your l2-asgard interlude signature, you were interested in Interlude, which don't provide or sell. So - reported.
  3. ATTENTION: New hwid module is done, and tested on a high populated server. Old clients may request a manual graduate upgrade and new clients have it by default. For benefits and more information contact me in skype.
  4. News: 1. PROMO: The Server Pack GRAND CRUSADE and CLASSIC: ZAKEN (2.5) is in the stage of prerelease. You can place pre-orders. When ordering the Pack before december 1, you get free GEODATA and 2 months free maintenance and updates. 2. Dear customers, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to reconsider the tariffs for technical support of our assemblies. We have added a new tariff "Minimum" for people who do not write and are not looking for reports, and just want to be updated monthly. Also now all the types and terms of service will be updated on our website and in every parts of our assemblies. Also reduced all prices on technical support for all our assemblies by 20%. The ignorance of the conditions is not a reason to be happy ! :) All types of the support and conditions read here: TECH SUPPORT
  5. I just told you, a potato developer (means not a good one, a novice one or similar with exception of somebody who does it for hobby, but hobby isn't work make a simple math) will cost you atleast 300$ per month, and that's not a good solution to aim on such high chronicle and work on them. besides the tools you need to sniff the info, the funds you need to work you way in the official and the overall time needed to create even 1 function offlike, the OBT cost cause you won't go from the first or the 5th attempt, so man, your proposal is absurd. As for not finished, nothing is finished, not IL not HF, people "made" them finished because its enough for the average player, the only "finished" packs are the official leaked ones and still they were public tests, lives never leaked so PTS often requires additional fixes, therefore its a fact that your finished bulls**t isn't good here, nothing will be finished in L2, unless you aim for PTS, but you won't aim for PTS because you don't have the money for PTS. so the best suggestions for you is not even start to work on it seriously on higher chronicles (no offense).
  6. Hey all, "Just hire a developer" - my god, the guy has 400-450 euro to pay and you're suggesting him to hire a developer, potato developer will take 300 euro per month and one dev isn't enough for GOD chronicle trust me. For some replies out there, its true that GOD packs have lack of content, its true for all of them not just for a certain russian or not russian packs (like russian devs are less good that eu ones, seems preposterous suggestion, grow up already) therefore the quality is based on average quality that we have in java solutions. As for known solutions: 1. l2junity - old team with reputation, great devs and low prices, can't say anything about quality because the last source that was shared was a long time ago. As far as I remember its a hobby project, but I can be wrong ofc. 2. l2-scripts - expensive with a long term support and a large budget for a large server. Despite of whatever you say of non completeness (which applies to all devs) the quality is just playable, I've seen many servers making money out of it, cause you know, its not a "science project" its a commercial one right? 3. PTS - yes PTS for those who have enough money to sustain such project there's always a PTS solution and to stop complain about the quality, but that's definitely requires a higher budget than 450 euro. Best regards guys!
  7. Hi Fyrre, good to know you're back in l2 (or just visiting), this community needs people like you! I'm not a programmer on such level, but I'm very into the politics behind it. Let's say, AA (the only driver based protection atm) is a company in Belarus, a real company with all the docs and stuff, they're basically a group of programmers that made a driver protection for AION, about 1.5 year ago, they decided to move to L2, basically their "driver" solution sounds like a real hit at the time, but they knew nothing about l2 therefore their clientele remains very limited. I won't tell why, because I don't wanna give tips to competitors =) Now as I read above, players and majority admins don't read anything about security, they don't know how this stuff works, and to be honest I didn't know much about protection world before we started our protection campaign, because smart was very expensive and asked about 900$ to upgrade 1 client to new chronicle and extorted 500-600$ per license for our classic clients. So when somebody hears about "driver based protection" it seems that they lose their mind and think that no bot will work there. Now that's a good move for smart guard who's constantly trying to make people forget about what they've learnt at the beginning of this year. for example let's say this: Akumu few weeks ago:(google translation) We update the protection weekly, most often before the weekend, and as practice shows, the Adrenaline bot on average takes a long time to bypass the new restrictive measures. If you say that we are not taking any action - you are either mistaken or misleading others. On our website there is a complete statistics on the bot detection, there are clearly visible waves of detects and bans. Yet we all know its bullshit, he keeps doing "business as usual" with the same business template as before, why's that? because instead of fighting adrenalin, he became his best friend, what leads to 2 years of 0 doing with an exception of 1 new bot over few years, making him and adrenalin the only solution at the market. So let's say he will do a good job with his new driver module, would something change for adrenalin? ofc not, that's the total bullshit, he has 0 experience and he will never cross his friend, cause he'll be out of the market faster than a bullet. It will just give more credability and they will try to restore the "old world order" in which both smart and pcoder are the only solution to everything, which can lead to incredible incomes. Now he knows that continue marketing within the +- same protection circle won't bring him back the same gross income like before, cause we have strix, sguard, aa and even ex-guard has its clientele, something that wasn't here just a year ago. So with regards his cake has been cut atleast 50% and he's very stubborn he will jump to driver burring down all his work since 2012-13 , why? its simple, people think driver is their best solution against adrenalin and other less popular bots and he wants "his" money back with a "brand new solution". Does he has a vision? I doubt it, there's a reason why AA is driver from day 0 and everybody else is not and make no such plans, its all about marketing trick. Now, driver based solutions distributed widely have to be properly attended, when you lay down on 1 person company to maintain thousands of people, you may be at risk, probably you will be at risk, because he has no liability over the damage he may do to you. Now this part is true about any kind of service givers, yet, there's a definitive reason why we prefer NOT to go to driver, one of the main reason, that we lack of personnel and won't be able to maintain as it should be maintained. But hey, when you lose money, you can lose your head to restore it all. So at the end, your question "why" is ended with the same old answer - money.
  8. WTB L2Classic 2.5

    We provide classic 2.5, PM for more details.
  9. Report false accusation

    Kamira, if you think (or practically sure) that the code was backdoored (because that's the same conclusion rises from the description), you should post here part or probably full code of what you have purchased, exactly as you received it. I'm pretty sure somebody will take time to evaluate it, and if, only if, our trusted members will spot a way to produce access to your FTP (or whatever happened) - that will be a proof. Also, if there's a backdoor that was received along with the files that you've purchased from a certain professional, you should hold him responsible REGARDLESS he/she doesn't know to code. If you sell something, you're responsible for it, or don't sell at all.
  10. Report false accusation

    Kamira, if you're her client, show us some skype screens, obviously if TS states he doesn't know you he can't provide, but you can.
  11. Report false accusation

    There's no need opening a new thread over a false feedback, you have the report button + request topic clean.